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Angry Feeble lack of care

A friend recommended that we get in touch with you regarding a flight my mother endured with British Airways in November 2016; please see her words below:

"When I think of British Airways my thoughts conjure images of class, etiquette, refinement, proud to exist, great service and a reliable, comfortable journey - Iím in safe hands.
When I fly (which isnít often these days as the journey tends to take its toll on me; Iím in my 70ís after all), I tend to opt for British Airways and ĎBusiness Classí seats. The choice to fly at the added premium of Business Class is for no reason other than the added adjustability of the seats (however this also buys some additional perks - fine). During my younger years I had a hugely invasive spinal surgery which restricted my mobility. A little later in life I had another surgery to counteract some other ailments. During my very active 70 something years I have had various aches and pains, most of which require me to be on permanent medication and to request assistance when travelling - hence being very willing to pay the extra premium for the better seats, however I didnít realise that I was also buying simply unacceptable customer aftercare.
During the very early stages of my 13 hour flight to Singapore from London Heathrow on 3rd November 2016 to see my son, it became apparent that the electronics in my seat were faulty - there is no blame in this; itís unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable. The cabin crew tried to source solutions however the only other available seats were also broken (!!!) - my choices were to remain either bolt-upright or horizontal, yet both choices had to be operated manually which involved moving and disturbing the individual behind me. At various points throughout the flight I had to crawl from my horizontal seat, onto my knees in the aisle and assist myself to my feet, just to go to the bathroom. I can appreciate that this was truly unfortunate luck to have an assisted passenger (!!!) sitting in one of the broken seats on the plane, but to be coupled with Cabin Crew who were unable to offer a solution just made things terrible.
Arriving at my sons apartment in Singapore I was finally able to relax after what can only be described as a truly embarrassing ordeal.
We decided to contact BA Customer Services - after all I am a Silver Cardholder (1276370) who purchased yet another business class seat; surely theyíll value my business and want to offer a refund or maybe even a flight of similar value? No.
After numerous calls from both myself, my travel agent and contact via my son on social media - the offer was either 40,000 Avios points or £100 sterling - appalling. An assisted passenger on a 13 hour flight with a broken seat, forced to crawl into the aisle to go to the bathroom and thatís the best you can do? I refuse to believe this.
So, British Airways - if you truly value your customers and their repeat business is at the highest point on your agenda, please respond to me with something, anything, because I know Iím not the only one out there thatís disappointed in a brand that flies my countries flag - youíve got my contact details; iím waiting."

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