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Air France Complaints>Legal question: lost luggage vs out of pocket expenses.
Phipzee 4:49 PM Mar 12, 2017
Hi there,

My luggage was recently lost (well it was declared lost after 21 day but found 26 days later). The Air Line has now reimbursed me for my lost luggage (the contents were worth more than $5000) However, I had to purchase a number of items -- I was out for a ski trip and it contained all my skiing equipment -- and thus I made a "out of pocket" request for numerous items I had to buy for the trip. I was told by the airline rep that they would pay up on the requested items.

Now, while I've been re-imbursed the standard rate for a lost luggage, I also made an out of pockets request -- again the airline rep assured me that I should submit both requests and said that they will be dealt separately.

However, I have now been told by Air France that "according to the Montreal Convention, an airline has the right to declare a bag as lost after 21 days. Once the baggage is declared as lost the claimant no longer has the right to claim First Necessity but has the legal right to claim for the loss of the luggage." Could someone confirm whether that is correct?
Tags:legal issues, luggage, montreal convention
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