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Default Air Canada Customer Service agents are LIARS!

How many times has this happened to you with Air Canada.......made airine cancellations at the last minute and tell you that A.

They informed you in a timely manner and/or B. some act of God such as bad weather forced them to cancel a flight or give you some other lame excuse...or no excuse at all. Not only do they have poor customer service over the phone and on the plane (which I have read from many of you and experienced myself in the past...a headphone incident...long story but it caused a scene nonetheless and an embarrassing one), lose baggage like crazy but when they screw up they LIE TO YOUR FACE and make it seem like ITS YOUR PROBLEM! Well thats what they did to me today. This morning I checked to see if everything was okay for a flight I was scheduled to take in the afternoon. It is not until I was on my way there that I get a message that my flight was not only cancelled but moved up almost one hour early. They also said in the message they sent me an email confirmation of the new flight. Then when I get on the phone with them (and wait almost half an hour for service which is typical of them) they have the nerve to tell me that they informed me of this two days prior....so here's the question...when I checked to see everything was okay this morning and they informed me via phone AND email TWO days ago...WHERE WAS I in all of this? I check my messages everyday and my email every second cause its mt bread and butter. What nerve to lie to my face and my friends face who booked the ticket for me and was expecting me to arrive today ON TIME.....and did they even give me a reason for the cancellation...of course not!!! Not only that when I checked the website for flights after receiving the cancellation, I found all flights even evening flights scheduled for Cranbrook that day were all reduced to that one flight, and when I initially looked at reservation for times and options there were lots (with stopovers in Vancouver and Calgary)...and what company in the WORLD reduces so many flight options and times to one flight...two days prior...isnt that bad for business?....Does that make ANY SENSE TO YOU??? Doesn't that reduce their chance of getting as many passengers as possible and maxing out their service..of course its all a lie! Well at least I know the reason for the cancellation, they obviously did not have enough passengers for all the flights so they decided to cram us all in together in one flight and everyone who was booked for a later flight had to take an earlier one and visa versa. Then they inform us at the last minute, make up some stupid reason if they feel you are even worthy of one reason, give you terrible service on the plane and then top it off by saying its our fault not theirs......hmmmmmmmmmm. I am glad in a way that I didnt get this two day old message and catch the 2:15 flight because I would have once again been subjected to the lousy plane service I have already experienced once before....except this time with a crammed plane full of customers who were inconvenienced and forced to take flights they did not schedule and payed full price for! LIARS!!!! Never again!!!

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