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Default Singapore airlines, don't book a ticket without reading

Do not book a ticket with Singapore Airlines. If you do not take the exact same credit card when you go to check in, they will not honor your ticket. Buy one for someone else, screwed. Have your credit card stolen and a new one issued? Screwed? Have your expiration date change on the exact same card? Screwed? Lose your credit card while traveling and then go to check in to go home? Screwed.They will REQUIRE you to buy a new ticket and then apply for a refund. Even with a boarding pass and correct identification they will not allow you to travel. THere are TOO MANY OTHER AIRLINES that don't have this archaic and arcane rule, so book with them.
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well they do that for security reasons, i fly singapore airlines alot of the time, as i used to live there and i go back quite frequently.....besides i have never had an issue like that before, how did you purchase the ticket? i have never had that kind of issue and i think that is actually a pretty good system with all the fraud these days. I have never had to show a credit card to them.

i doubt i will have any problems with them when i fly with them next week
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Default A common practice

The only exception to the rule about presenting the credit card used to purchase the ticket, along with the ("e-ticket") receipt or reservation number and your driver's license or other acceptable id, would be if you purchased your ticket at one of the few remaining city ticket offices owned and operated by the airline, or at the airport. I'm assuming, of course, that the agent at the airport has the brains to notice that the ticket was purchased at a facility operated by the airline or that the agent is not "programmed" to ask for a credit card regardless of where the ticket was purchased. Otherwise, if you buy your ticket on-line, or maybe even at a travel agent, you definitely will need to show the credit card. If you bought a round-trip ticket I can't imagine how it makes sense to ask for a credit card when you check-in for your return flight. Again, maybe you're dealing with a "programmed" agent. As to your credit card renewing between the time of ticket purchase and the time of your flight: I don't know if the expiration date, on the credit card, is noted on the records of the airline. I'll give Singapore the benefit of the doubt and assume the expiration date is NOT noted. Losing your credit card, prior to your outbound flight, might pose some problems particularly if the credit card issuer does NOT note the issue date on the card.

If you purchase a ticket for someone else, and you’re not traveling with them on every segment of their ticket, it’s unlikely that person will be allowed to board. If you won’t be traveling with the person you buy a ticket for, on some or all of the flights that person will be taking, and the other person doesn’t have a credit card that will accept the price of the ticket then purchasing their ticket, with cash, at an airport, would be the only other option. Even the purchase with cash option could be problematic. I could, actually, see some airport agents who are too stupid to understand that some people don’t own a credit card that will take a five figure, or high four-figure, purchase and decide to call the cops because you have all that cash with you. Converting the cash to a Visa or American Express “gift card” could resolve the problem if it’s possible to find an issuer of one of these cards that will allow you to put the amount of cash needed on a single card. However then, the gift card would need to be issued in the name of the person you’re buying the ticket for, and as their name appears on their id, and the used card would need to be presented at the time of check-in.

Singapore is one of the better airlines in the world. It's one of the few airlines that have been, consistently, profitable. While Virgin America is no where near profitable their service product comes closest to Singapore among the US-based airlines. I'd give Singapore, at least, one more chance.
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Ok to show my age a little, E-tickets sure beat the days of pre-paid tickets. My mom use to set those up from me if I had I wanted to come home at the last minute from college.
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My wife and I will be travelling on Korean Airlines in a couple of weeks. When I read the small print on the e-tkt receipt, it said I needed to show the credit card I used to pay the ticket. I don't think Singapore is alone on this rule.
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when i flew korean air (company paid ticket) we didn't have to show a credit card only our passports same with singapore
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I know when i used to work the ticket counters, we had to verify the card if the e-ticket was bought within the past 48 hours. If it was bought more than 48 hours from when travel starts, it wasn't necessary, though. I had parents come out to the airport to show their card, so their kids could fly home from college and whatnot. But it's only that one time. On your return it isn't needed. Strange that they need it every time? can't imagine why?
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oh my.........they dont need it everytime, my family and I, aswell as many friends and workers (all who fly frequently to various places such as europe and australia) are never asked everytime and are hardly asked to see it at all anymore and the fact that it has to be the same card is smart and provides more security even if it is a little bit inconvientiant.......and you can show other forms of accepted ID if you dont have your card.

I am a PPS member krisflyer and am a frequent flyer and never have had any form of issue and never witnessed any issue with the purchase of a ticket

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