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Default Frontier Airlines scam

Don't take Frontier Airlines. I had a reservation several weeks ago and called in the other day to see if I could catch a later flight the same day. The guy wanted $132 to do this. I then checked their website and it said the fee was $25. Then this morning I got a call from an unidentified person asking for my credit card number. I thought it was a rip off artist but then found out it was Frontier. Apparently my call to ask if I could re-book caused them to change my departure time and now they wanted $64. Then this afternoon I called in and found out my original reservation could not be found and that now the ticket would cost $253. When I told her I would file a complaint about this she told me she would hand up if I continued to make threats. I never said, nor implied harm to her, only that I would file complaints and she wouldn't get away with this. She continued demanding money despite my existing reservation so I hung up.
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According to Frontier's website the $25 fee is for Confirmed Alternate Flight Change made on day of travel. Since you apparently are trying to make a change in advance of your travel date I can only assume the $132 you were quoted is for a fare difference which is not uncommon when you change your initial outbound flight since it is the same as cancelling and repurchasing the entire ticket at the currrent price. What I do not understand is that you declined the change given the price difference yet they seem to have made the change anyway and are now wanting you to pay for it. This is unfair and unnaceptable.

You should call Frontier back, request to speak to a supervisor, advise them that you did inquire about an itinerary change but after being advised of the additional cost declined and now all you want is for your original itinerary to be reinstated at no additional charge.

If they refuse to do this please send me a DM if you would like some assistance with your issue.
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One thing I've found about Frontier over the years is, that while some of their employees are not too competent, they usually end up doing the right thing in the end. If you did declined the change due to the cost and they changed it anyway, you should be able to find someone there who will fix it. By the way,if you have an economy ticket the fee to change flights for the same day departure is 50.00, classic fare is 25.00, and classic plus is free. If you change to a different day, you pay the fare difference plus 50.00 for economy, fare difference plus 25.00 for classic, and only fare difference for classic plus. Every airline charges you a fare difference (if there is one) to change to a different day.

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I had a problem with Frontier in May. My family and I had a flight to San Diego with a connecting flight in Denver. Even though the flight from Milwaukee was late due to weather we still got there before our next flight was due to leave. We rushed to the gate to be told that our flight left early. Guess what we did for the next 6 hours? We sat in the airport waiting on standby because they decided to leave us high and dry. There was NO complimentary meals, drinks or even an apology. We wasted a whole vacation day that had been planned. I personally think we should have gotten something for the in convenience THEY caused us. What do you think?
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In the US, airlines have been handed a huge "get out of jail free" card, in the name of the weather. If your delay can be blamed on the weather you will be paid nothing. This will not change, because the airlines pay huge sums in "lobbying" and political "donations" to ensure that it won't.

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