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Exclamation KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are ruthless

I was supposed to fly Gothenburg-Amsterdam-Birmingham today, but was a few seconds late to the gate.
What happened was that due to snowstorms and cold weather, we came late to the airport, about 40 minutes before the flight. The check-in passport scanner was broken, so I had to manually put in a lot of data, taking about 10 minutes. I went to the counter, where I checked in the bags, the receptionist said nothing about the gate being open. We sat down for 10 minutes, waiting for the gate call next to a speaker, and when no call was made for any KLM flights, I started my journey to the gate.
The security checkpoint took a look at my boarding card, and said nothing.
The security took 10 minutes, and I thought "Good, I still have 10 minutes to go", turned towards the gate and saw the sign turn red. I ran to it (10 steps) and the personnel there stonewalled me. I was literally SECONDS late and they refused to let me on. I pointed out that the doors were still open, you could see straight into the plane, but they came back with "We called your name 5 times"... Not in the speakers anyway!
I ran downstairs to get to their office to rebook, and got stuck at the luggage claim... they took 20 minutes to fetch my bag. 20 minutes late due to a bag return is ok, but not 20 seconds due to long security checks?
I got to the office, and the best deal they could offer was a 700€ ticket for the next day. I can't afford that, that's what I make each month!

I was given a number to call to talk about the return ticket, that they had canceled for me. After 4 minutes of options (I timed it the third time I called) they told me to go to the website and do a claim. No luck, an error on their automated form, so I called back, and they said "Oh, contact your travel agent" (supersavertravel.com). I called them, and after 32 minutes in the que (not a good sign) they just told me "Talk to KLM", so I called back a third time and they said they didn't know what rules that should apply to these conditions, but that the chances of getting my money back, or at least some of it, was near zero.

All in all, unprofessional reception, straight out lies and bouncing between customer services is all KLM have shown me so far.
When your customer service and reception is outmatched by RyanAir, you KNOW something is wrong!
klm, royal dutch airlines

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