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Exclamation Avoid Qatar at All Costs, Please

Hi Fellow Travelers,
My wife and I were departing at approximately the same time (4:30AM from IKA November 26, Thanksgiving 2015. We've been patiently dealing with them since then to work out a compromise). She to Doha me to Austria both of us ending up in Jacksonville, Fl within 1 hour of each other. My flight got cancelled that last minute that morning and they diverted me from Austrian Air to Lufthansa to Frankfurt to Miami to JAX, but the flight was ready to leave (about 2:30am). Quick huggs and off I go expecting my wife to be leaving soon. We always clear immigration together and wait inside security together, when possible. I am a senior and had to go back to the USA for surgery and my wife needed to be with me of course. We booked her flight as soon as my surgery was scheduled. Her flight was about $960.00 US$ round trip. I reluctantly left her and boarded my flight. Well, when I got to Miami there was a message waiting for me that she was not able to board the Qatar flight for some reason not her own, and was only informed of this at Immigration/Departure. Qatar had approved her documents and checked her in with seat assignments all the way home to JAX. After she was not able to board, and had to retrieve her luggage. Qatar could not get her out for 3 days. But here is the STINGER: they charged her $675 just to re-book her. (that's about a 128% penalty one way) Her first plane had lots of empty seats. Her eventual flight was virtually empty. We tried just about everything possible to reason with Qatar but they were bent on discriminating against a single female traveler who was virtually stranded with no options at all. In addition to more cab fare and accommodations for 2 more nights and food etc, the cost was unbelievable. We tried to reason with Qatar about a compromise -- as it was not her fault that she could not board the plane. The airline Customer Service stance is that she was a NO SHOW. How could that be as she checked in and some technicality prevented her from boarding? Qatar refused any compromise or empathy. In fact they were down right belligerent. We contacted our F/F Q-miles Club reps and their thought was that for sure Qatar would compromise, as this was a most unfortunate situation and most certainly not my wife's fault. Our Club Reps were helpful but could only pass the information along to Customer (NO) service:
Payal Rajput & Ali Mirza & Chirayu Patel
Privilege Club Team

Customer (NO) Service Department refused any level of understanding with the abruptness of a serpent! I sent all documentation about my surgery, my cancelled flight etc to no avail. The name of the person who ultimately denied us any compassionate compromise was Mary Iskandar Customer Care Officer for Qatar. No matter what we sent her, she continued to completely misunderstand the situation: in fact she finally blamed USA immigration (my wife was still in Iran so how could that be?) and had some body else's itinerary referring to my wife traveling to LAX. Surely Mary Iskandar should not be in this position. She clearly intentionally misinterpreted our facts to support her ruthless decision!
We expected so much more from this airline which bills itself as a 5 star airline. We travel regularly, but no longer on Qatar. For sure this airline has many fine people who are understanding and work hard to be fair and accommodating to their customers and especially members of the Qatar Privilege Club, which we are. In fact, their airline is always, almost daily, sending all us Q-Miles members great e-mail offers, discounts, even 2 fers. So they are looking to build their business, just not if you need their help. They work so hard to gain customers only to loose several, we hope, to their terrible Customer (NO) Service department.Many facets of this airline are very nice, but their Customer Service, headed by Ms. Iskandar, is a den of vipers. They look to take advantage of the situation and employ abusive, deplorable, discriminatory tactics. I urge you not to be taken in by their devious, Deceptive Plans & Policies as we were.
I ask all my fellow travelers to avoid this airline if at all possible as a sign of unity with an abused female passenger. There are now many new airlines serving the routes of Qatar. Please use any other airline other than Qatar. Please feel free to comment back to us. And PLEASE send this to or re-post this on every airline posting site you know of. Please let all your friends know, too. If you need documentation I can supply that to you as I did exactly to the airline.
Please remember, this could happen to you or your husband or wife or daughter or any female traveling alone under distressed situations.
Thank you so very much, dear fellow travelers for your support and kind consideration.
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