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Default Removed from Flight

My letter to Delta with details (edited):

July 5, 2011

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
c/o Richard H. Anderson, CEO
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I have yet to receive any resolution regarding my incident that happened aboard Delta flight 2140 on July 4, 2011, from Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City. I’m hoping you can address my concerns fully. Let me explain what happened on the flight bound for Salt Lake City,UT.

I boarded Delta flight 2140 first class in Las Vegas on July 4, 2011. The flight was delayed. When we were finally able to board the aircraft, I sat in my assigned seat 7B. No attendant was visible. About 10 minutes later a flight attendant appeared out of the restroom. He immediately went to the first class galley where he remained for another 10 minutes. After that, the attendant walked through the first class cabin, never saying hello to anyone or seeing if anyone needed anything.

The attendant went back to the coach cabin where another male attendant was greeting customers. He joked and laughed, managing to do absolutely nothing. He caught my eye and I asked if he was the first class attendant. He said he was. I asked him if I could have his name where he immediately said, “Why?” I said that we had been in the cabin for over 20 minutes and nobody has said hello, offered drink service, or even said “boo”. He proceeded to tell me that he was “under no obligation to provide drink service and there was a bottle of water provided.” I said, yes, I understand that. I would still like your name. He erupted! Telling me if I was going to cause problems I didn’t need to be on this flight and he would have me removed. I was dumbfounded! I said, “I’m not causing problems. All I asked for was your name.” He went into this rage and told a red coat, Gisela B. to “get him off my plane!” Gisela looked at me and looked at him. He said “Get him off now!” Gisela looked at me again and said she was sorry but I needed to get off the flight. Without saying anything, I gathered my belonging and deboarded the aircraft under utter and complete humiliation. My boss was also on the flight, Skymiles diamond member XXXX, his wife XXXXX, and Skymiles gold member XXXX. All of who witnessed this incident and can verify every detail of my account. Even the detail in the record indicates I did nothing wrong.

Once outside the aircraft, I asked how what just happened could be possible. Gisela wouldn’t speak to me. After talking to several people, I was told to follow her. We went to the counter where she proceeded to explain the policy. “Right or wrong, if a crew member asks that someone be removed, they have to oblige”. I told her again that I did NOTHING except ask for his name. I did not raise my voice, use profanity, or absolutely anything to deserve this treatment. I couldn’t believe I was removed from a flight for asking a first class flight attendant his name. The policy was explained to me again. I informed Gisela that I understood the policy but my concern at the moment was to figure out WHAT I was going to do to get home. Gisela told me if I would listen to her she would explain the policy (again) first and then get me on my way. Gisela also commented that she was sure I would be contacting Delta customer service (even providing me the URL) and wanted to make sure I understood the policy …basically that policy dictates if a crew member requests a passenger be removed, right or wrong, she was obligated to do so. She then also gave me two of the flight attendant’s names Delon and Dev. She could not provide last names. She said she wasn’t sure which attendant it was that had me removed, but it was one of these two. I would also like to say that Gisela at first would not give me her name either. She’s wearing a name badge for heaven’s sake. She eventually told me her first name but said she would not give me her last name and I didn’t need it. She was the only Gisela working there. Gisela was able to book me (on coach mind you and without a seat assignment) on a later flight. I went to the gate and told the agent I did not have a seat assignment. I also said, “Not to be a problem, but I was booked (and paid) in first class”. He looked and said it didn’t say anything to which I produced my original boarding pass. He then upgraded me to first class. Immediately upon entering the cabin I was warmly greeted and offered a beverage. (I was one of the last to board the aircraft and still humiliated and embarrassed from the earlier incident.)

I am writing this still thoroughly enraged and still extremely and thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated, the events of the last evening reeling through my head. I still have not slept. Again, all I asked was for the flight attendants name. Absolutely nothing mean, offensive or belittling. Honestly the only thing I can think of that set him off was him not wanting to get in trouble for vacating the first class cabin in it's entirety until take off. I think I was close to passing out I was so embarrassed...and still am.

Several people witnessed this incident and all can vouch I did nothing inappropriate: Skymiles Diamond member XXXX was in 7D, his wife XXXX was in 7C, Skymiles gold member XXXX was in 7A. All witnessed and overheard the entire conversation, among others around. The flight attendant was the only one who raised their voice and became outraged and angry.

I am not medallion and I don’t have a 24 hour access telephone number to get in touch with anyone at Delta. This morning I telephoned Delta Corporate Customer Service and spoke with Natasha. I explained the story to Natasha where I was placed on hold several times. I was thanked for my time and given an apology…if the events that I relayed indeed happened. I asked if someone would be contacting me to further discuss this issue. I was told no. A supervisor of the attendant’s team would contact the employee and discuss the situation. She had no idea what the outcome would be. That was it. I said, so nobody is going to contact me? No. For THE most embarrassing moment of my life! Ejected from a flight that I did absolutely nothing to deserve? The angst and panic I endured not knowing when or how I was going to get home? Natasha said, I can offer you a $125 voucher or 12,500 Skymiles. I said, “That’s it?” to which she said yes. She also informed me she was a manager and there was nobody else to speak to regarding the matter. I find it incomprehensible that there is no one that can sympathize or understand this ordeal. I was utterly and completely humiliated. Words cannot express my humiliation and embarrassment, nor the panic on what I was to do next. My luggage was on a flight going home. Would I have to stay in Las Vegas? What about clothes, toothbrush, etc.? If I was able to get to Salt Lake, what about my connection? Numerous questions and thoughts were racing through my mind.

I suggested that for the inconvenience and embarrassment, at a minimum, the four of us traveling together should receive vouchers for the same trip again. All she would do was $125 voucher for future travel. Am I being out of line?

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Well, I say you should have stood your ground and made it a Rosa Parks moment, standing up for all your fellow travellers. We've all had it with airlines belittling not only people in Economy, but even in First Class. Sadly we can't boycott airlines too easily. I think it's about time for world governments to team up and make flying a better experience.

P.S. Redcoat? Who's a redcoat? What is this, the American Revolutionary War?
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Oh, never mind, I remember the Delta Red Coat agents. Silly me.
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Default No response from Delta CEO after 4 months

Not surprisingly, I have never received a response or acknowledgment from Delta regarding my letter. Nice customer service. Could it get any better? Seriously? Ridiculous.
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Airlines these days are getting worse and worse. It's about time for the government to step in, don't you think?
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The amount of stories of abuse of power by flight attendants mount daily. It is definitely time for reregualtion, but unfortunately, there is insufficient press interest in the issue.

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