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Default New baggage charges

THe government allows carriers to mis-managed there business and has the public bail them out. Then the governent allows them to merge to sifle compition.Then the governemnt allows them to charge fees for everything, every bag. Airlines get away with it because the governmenrt has allowed a monopoly because, as demonstrated before on inspections, they governemnt is on the take so big time with th e airlines that there is no contol at all.

We the people should sstep up and demand airlines pay us for every bag lost or destroyed as we watch them mishandle the bags out the windows.
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I'm glad someone else finally gets it. The government is in with the airlines. The FAA was allowing SouthWest to fly airplanes that were "un-airworthy"; that should tell you something there. The only reason that even came out, and they got strict on that, is because of a whistleblower.

The reason for the bag charges, is fuel, and expect all of the other airlines to follow. It is either charge for bags, or fares go way up -- which is about to happen soon, as well.

The airlines are currently in the process of reducing capacity, thus creating more demand, than there is supply, for seats, and they will then raise fares.

Truth about the airlines, from an insider ----- The airlines do not want the average joe flying. The airlines want it back to the day when flying was a privilage, that, basically, only the wealthy could afford. The airlines don't make money on the average joe, and that is why treatment is so poor, unless you fly first, or business class. SouthWest came in, and initiated the lower fares, in the 70's, about the time that de-regulation occurred. The other airlines had to lower fares to compete. The result, was that people who once couldn't, could now fly. The airlines, and those who run these airlines, do not like this. They are currently trying to fix it, i.e., the are reducing capacity (seats), charging for everything, and soon, with their own created "demand exceeds supply", they will begin rapidly increasing fares. This will throw out the window, the types of passengers the airlines do not want flying on them. The airlines made $billions, prior to all of these low cost carriers. Now, the low cost carriers are going under, and the other airlines are trying to make things the way they were.

This is an actual quote from someone with American Airlines;
"The farther away you get from the passengers, the more money you make."

People need to realize this stuff. Personally, I prefer driving now that I've worked for the airlines. I'd rather see the countryside, than deal with the BS the airlines throw out.
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Default Limited re-regulation, and Air Amtrak


I agree that the legacy airlines operating today will, for those that do not go bankrupt, become the domain of those who are willing to pay double what a deep discount ticket now sells for. I think a limited form of re-regulation, in addition to fuel prices, will bring this about. We have already seen the DOT moving to increase the number of airports with capacity controls and the mandate to report tarmac delays. I was encouraged to read, recently, some statements, from former American Air chairman Crandall, indicating he thought limited re-regulation is a good idea.

Because a large chunk of the population can not be barred from domestic air travel the argument for a government-operated airline becomes even more compelling. There would be no intention of making money--only providing a service to this large group. For-profit carriers should be able to successfully compete if the government-operated carrier was limited to the following types of service:

· About a dozen “mainline” routes, with service only to secondary airports. For those cities having Amtrak service, there would be “interline” arrangements to allow customers to continue to larger cities.

· The operation of those EAS routes which for-profit carriers no longer wish to serve.

· Air service connecting mainline “hub” airports with small rural communities where an offer (from the community or the state) has been made to make a contribution toward the cost of such service. Where demand exists, such communities should be served with “combi” aircraft—ie: service to the Alaskan bush country.

The cabins could be configured into a section for families and a small section, in the front, for the disabled. Seat pitch would be 34". Seat backs would not move. Rather, reclining would be accomplished though a sliding mechinism on the seat bottom. The original National Airlines used this type of seat in their coach sections.

Even if restricted to the type of service outlined above, I would expect the for-profit airlines to screem like a stuck pig at the idea of an "Air Amtrak."
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Something will have to be done. If the airlines have their way, they will soon be charging for everything. They will charge double, or more what fares are now, plus additional for bags, and everything else. There is already a fee for just about everything. This will push out the average joe, who will no longer be able to afford to fly.

The answer, I think, is re-regulation, or at least, some re-regulation. BUT, when regulation was in place, airfare was significantly more expensive than it is now, but it was also a MUCH better experience to travel by air. The airlines are VERY important to the economy, and that is part of the reason that the government backs the airlines, like they do almost any major corporations. I suspect, if things continue as they are now, the government will have to step in, to save the airlines, once more, but hopefuly is will be in the form of some re-regulation, rather than sham bankruptcies, as was the case after 9/11.

MOST airline employees, especially pilots, want regulation back in place. Airline careers have significantly taken a hit, since regulation. They were once a prestigious job, even being a customer service agent, that one could spend a rewarding career in. Greedy, profit hungry management, however, has cut pay, in just the last several years, by as much as 50%, for all employees, and that has disappeared. Now, the airlines work understaffed, frequently, because they have problems attracting people to a job like this, for the pay. The people they do attract, are very quality people, at all. This is part of the reason customer service has taken such a huge hit. There is one person doing the job that once five people did, and on top of that, the one person could care less, because they don't see any incentive to care. Management doesn't do anything about these employees, either, because they know if they fired them, they will not be able to hire anybody to replace them. You'd be surprised at the stuff I've seen agents get away with, up to, and including, cursing at passengers, sleeping on the job, in front of passengers, leaving work for hours, while still on the clock, and not telling anyone, while flights are on the ground needing to be worked, and passengers needing to be helped, meanwhile the flight goes out late, and the passengers are left with nobody to assist them, etc. Yet these people still continue to work, day after day, without any consequence for these things.

As I've said in other posts, my last day as an airline employee, is next Wednesday, and I cannot wait to get out, and move on. I think I am getting out, at just the right time, because things are about to get much worse, before they get better, if they ever get better!
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ChrisH, it's nice to hear an airline employee that understands some of the issues. However I must strongly disagree with your statement that adding regulation is what's needed. The answer is simple and the same for any business...when you encounter tough times you need to improve your customer's experience not make it worse. The airlines are playing the "hide the charges game" and passengers are ******! It's time they raise their rates (I agree), but they should do it up front and not with baggage fees and "premium" seat assignments. I am a VP of a very large company and just drove 10 hours on a business trip to avoid dealing with the airlines. If I'm doing it, you can bet many, many more are too!
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Angry lpaying for luggage and food

I am leaving for California tommorow morning and you have to pay $15.00 for luggage and then if it's over a certian weight they want you to pay more that is stupid.What is wrong with these airlines.I am taking American Airlines to SanFrancisco there and then taking United back to Boston.
Why should we have to spend more money just for luggage alone when you've already paid for the flight and the fuel surcharge ridicuolous.

Then it you want food they charge you $3.00 for a snack box come on wake up people and smell the coffee.
These air;ines need to get their act together.

If you are going to be on a flight that is at least 3 hours or longer they should be made to provide a snack or a meal especially if a person brings little kids or infants on the plane they need to have something to eat because they forget to bring food on board and the airline does
not provide something to eat good luck.

Why should we pay to bring food on the plane when they
should be providing it.

What happened to our passenger bill of rights.

When me and my parents went to Scotland and England
on American Airlines they gave us a meal and snacks but
now all of a sudden I hear from my mom there is no meal on these flights that's not right hopfully she's wrong its bad enough they won't give us pretzals or peanuts anymore.

I don't what the airlines are thinking but what ever it is they need to change their way of thinking otherwise people may not want to fly anymore because of the perks being taken away from passengers.
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here is what i have noticed as far as the whole food thing. people complained when airlines gave a meal or free snack on a flight because it was gross, airlines were(and still are) hurting financially so they cut back, meals on short and most domestic flights being most of them, now people complain because they aren't there. do you REALLY need a meal/snack for 3 hours?? and if your complaining about the price, bring your own snack, its better than that crap anyway. as far as the luggage, i agree with the airlines charging for overweight bags, checked bags....well ok, i dont have a problem with that either, what i think sucks is when the airline delays (misplaces) your bags and you cant get that $15 you spent.

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