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Angry Delta DOUBLE charge my money!

On Sunday I used Delta's online system to buy a air-ticket for my wife. At that time there was an message shown that my reservation may be not completed, in order to avoid double charging my credit card, please call Delta. Thus I called them for sure, but the "stupid" representative first said she didn't know what's going on for the website and asked me again for the credit card number. So, she double charged me and I didn't even know yet.
On Monday I checked my balance on my credit card website found that I had zero available credit, i.e., it's over the limit. Then I immediately called Delta try to figure out what happened but they claimed that it was just the "authorization" process, not transaction yet, and told me not to be worried about it. Who knows that this morning I checked my credit card website again, it became the real transactions and I also received the notice call from my credit card company about the over limit (because of double charge) issue.
I was very unhappy about it and called Delta tell them refund the money. However, the process is super slow and I didn't see my refund yet. Moreover, the more ridiculous thing I found that instead of they double charging me for the same ticket, there was a "service charge fee $25" added by Delta for the reason of I called them on Sunday for issuing the new ticket number. I asked Delta to refund this part back to me but they said it is impossible. I almost get crazy for hearing this. THEIR WEBSITE IS POOR, BUT THEY ASK THE CUSTOMER TO PAY FOR THEIR FAULT!

Does any one know where I can complain and get real assistant from? BTW, during over 10-time call to Delta, almost all representative are RUDE! I receive no apology and they even blamed on me! WTF!!!
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I don't know what to say about this one. I would contact their customer service number (not reservations). If the agent there will not help you, ask to speak with a supervisor, or a manager.

If they double charged you, they have to return one of the charges.
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Thumbs down feeling your pain.....

If it makes you feel any better, I encountered a similar situation...could not book on line due to Delta system problems. Got someone on the phone to take the reservation and was charged twice...plus the $20 booking fee. Insult to injury, the ticket was almost $1500 and I paid with a debit card because I don't carry credit cards. I came back from a trip to $275 in overdraft fees that neither my bank nor Delta will reimburse for, not to mention what it took to prove they double debited my account, the numberous canned rude e-mails, and having to follow up twice to get the refund they said they approved.

Never again....

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