Customer Service Have you had any problems with Continental's Customer Service? Have Continental employees treated you poorly?

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Old Aug 14, 2010, 3:11 AM
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Default Rude Supervisor made me miss flight

Mr. Smisek,
If you have not yet figured it out I am determined to have resolution to this experience.
I was contacted by an agent by the name of Tracy at 832-235-1871. Although I appreciated the calls as of now they simply resulted on at least a 60 dollar phone bill. I will be leaving Bermuda, but while I was here and most upset my calls run 2 dollars per minute. My last call with her was 30 minutes long and then she called back and it cost me 4 dollars to check my voice mail After checking it was simply as message to call her next week as she will be away.
My problems with Continental continued today as I logged on to check in and my wife was not listed. I searched and searched and it wasn't there. I then had to make yet another long distance call to find her reservation and check her in. No one was able to explain why the reservations were separated, but they were.
I then asked the agent to tell me a bit about my paper trail. She told me that all of my details were documented down to the fact that Bermuda basically closes as a whole at 5. This means that getting the necessary essentials for my wife to feel comfortable was not possible and the trip to town and back cost me 50 dollars alone only to grab essentials from a local marked at extremely over rated prices because of the country.
I was also told that the agent that I filed a complaint about stated his story that I arrived at 6:57 for a 7:40 flight. This is a complete lie and a way for him to justify my complaint. I was at the airport on time. I did wait for a bit at a different line until being told that I needed to move. I am the type of person that asks everyone for help, so I had no problem asking what line I was in and where to go.
Once in the correct line and I have to stress already being electronically checked in from the night prior which I have I was still on time. However, your employees spent more time arguing with me instead of helping me and cost me my flight. As I told you after being re-ticketed and having my bags checked at 7:15 after a 30 minute minimum debate with your employees I went to the gate that I was originally seated for and they were still willing to take us on board.
We were turned away after the agents realized that our luggage was checked on the next flight.
I then called customer service and filed a complaint.
I walked back up and asked the supervisor for his name.
He told me it with an attitude and said "And why do you want to know my name?" Thank goodness the agent on the phone heard him. I told him that I was on the phone with customer service and filing a complaint because I could have been on my original flight if his intentions were to help not hurt.
I then went to the desk in the Continental wing and received seats. After a while of thinking I went back to the desk and asked for the Supervisor's boss. I told them I wanted to speak with him regarding how I was treated. I left out the red coat employee that was rude as well and spoke around me in Spanish. Anyway, I was told that if I persisted to follow up on this that the supervisor would and could remove me from the flight. I asked again and stated that you mean to tell me that he treated me poorly and because I think his boss should know about it, I can be thrown off the plane. No wonder he lied about my arrival time. If you even ask to speak to his boss about his behavior you are threatened with being removed from a flight.
To top it off out of the entire flight departing at 12 something PM and our bags checked at 7:15 and under two separate names both of our bags were lost at TSA.
I called TSA, our bags were not with them, nor were they tagged or marked in anyway. It was a full blown lie.
I don't think you can imagine what it was like for our anniversary after everything that we have been through in our family lives for my wife to go without so much as underwear after waking up at 5AM. There are times when the right thing needs to be done. As I stand now I lost two days of my vacation. The first one without clothes and the second getting clothes before we began our day. I rang up roughly $300 in cell phone charges calling agent after agent and being put on hold to go no where. Then spent a nice chunk of change to stay another night the hotel to make up for one of the days I lost. The whole time right up to now I have been sickened by Continental. I was asked by Tracy, what did I wan? Well you can not put a price on watching your wife cry while she sits in the hotel room because we were missing our anniversary dinner. You can't put a price on the stress of being treated poorly at an airport, or being threatened, or being pushed off your flight even though it was open, these things hold a value that can not be replaced. I will never for get this trip and how two agents at the ticketing counter ruined it and your customer care desk threatened me, even though I was in the right and should have been allowed to speak to his supervisor. So after all of that I felt it only fair that since I was granted $150 each for essentials that Continental pay for our final day, $500. I believe that is a bargain for the strain this put on my vacation and wife.
Finally I was given your email address because I am unhappy with just about everyone I have spoken to.
At first I actually thought that you personally replied to my email then realized it was generated.
A big step forward for a company that's new slogan is Work Hard Fly Right, might me to take my concerns personally, not pass them down. I have suffered, to my wife and myself, a great loss. Why would I be provided with your contact information if you were not going to contact me, but simply push it down.
Continental has a lot to learn at Newark Airport. The staff that I filed a complaint about owes us an apology and the customer service desk that threatened me instead of picking up the phone and contacting the acting boss might need re-educating that scaring someone isn't the answer.
I am not simply going to let go of this. I know that we were wronged and I would appreciate your direct involvement in this not an agents.
Please do not push them. Please work with me to resolve this so that we can part without hard feelings. I definitely feel that compensation is due as well as apologies.
I feel that the position you hold makes you the best person to finish this once and for all.
Frank Fuzy
60 Surrey lane
Colonia, NJ 07067
732 241 6659

I just sent this email and realized that it would go through because Mr. Smisek has added my email to SPAM. This just keeps getting better. I write a two hour letter and the CEO can’t be bothered to accept it.

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