Baggage Problems

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Baggage Problems
US Airways Defrauding customers!

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Old Aug 14, 2012, 7:39 PM
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I picked US Airways over another carrier because the flight was non-stop and listed as less expensive that was until I tagged on the baggage fee of $25 and the don’t get crammed in a middle seat fee of $50...each way! This, of course, tacked on an additional $150 to my total making US Airways more expensive. Maybe I could have dealt with these excessive and ridiculous charges if after paying these fees and arriving at the gate agents were filling the empty seats with standby passengers who didn't have to pay an upgrade fee for that non-middle seat. When I boarded with my one piece of carry-on because I checked my other piece of luggage even though it met the size requirements for a carry-on it appeared I was the only person who had. As I boarded in the first group of Zone 2 customers much to my dismay all the overhead compartments in my area were full! How could this be? So I got stuck pushing my carry-on under my seat where I then ended up having to place my feet on because there was no other room left. Let’s add insult to injury when it was announced that they would check bags for free! What?! Are you kidding me I just paid! My lower back was killing me (and still is) by the time I was ready to exit the plane and had to wait for the couple across from me to carry off their multiple bags that they took from the overheads. Now one would think after this experience I would say “screw it” and not check my bag on the return flight but sadly I am in the hospitality industry and my mother taught me better than that. When I went to check in at DCA and I got to check myself in and then hauled my bag to the TSA to put on the belt and thought why on earth am I paying these fees since apparently I just did more than half the work. I asked the blank-faced counter agent a question who just shrugged at me – ok nothing is going to be resolved here. I get on the plane and take my excessively charged window seat only to be asked if I would mind moving so a couple to sit together. So do I come off as a witch and say no because honestly I did pay extra for the exact seat or am I a nice person and move. Again my mother raised me as a courteous individual so I moved. Dosing off since I had a long day and woke after the beverage service when the flight attendant walked by I asked her if it was possible to get a ginger ale. The reply “phhh, I’m doing something so maybe in a minute”. I just wanted to scream. When US Airways replied to me I was told fees were nonrefundable and that “choice” seat is a preference. No what “choice” seat is a deceptive marketing technique employed by the airline to defraud their customers. I selected a “choice” seat because I was told there were only middle seats left for one leg and that I would have to get my seat at the airport for the other. The email I received said they looked forward to providing a more pleasurable flight experience next time. Why would I give them another chance?

They replied with their canned comments and told me no refunds. So I replied to them with the following:

I was told that my letter would mean nothing to you and that I will get no satisfaction from appealing to you; sadly those individuals were correct. I appreciate your response and while fees may be noted as non-refundable we both know that there are exceptions to all policies. I got stuck with “choice” seating because the reservation came up as “only middle seat available” on one leg and “at airport” for the other. Apparently the “only seat” is a misrepresentation by US Airways to defraud their customers. Since you have been unable to honor my simple requests I will simply blog about my experience and make comments on the various public sites. Thank you for your time."

The above got me a phone which they explained to me they understand nickel and diming people can be frustrating but there’s nothing they will do. I was told that being compensated for doing the right thing just wouldn’t happen. The gentleman on the phone agreed to with me that I was wasting my time which is apparently just US Airways ongoing customer service standard.
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Old Aug 14, 2012, 7:57 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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I do think some of these marketing techniques are bordering on fraud. For example, if US Airways is lying to customers, telling them if they do not purchase a "choice" seat, only middle row seats are available, that sounds like an inducement to purchase something which is not true. I would consider writing to the State Attorney Generals Office in your state outlining your concern about these deceptive practices.
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Old Aug 15, 2012, 7:30 AM
cortney cortney is offline
Airline Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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i never pay for my seat. i take my chance and let them assign my seat at the airport. chances are, you are going to get that choice seat up front on usairways, the comfort economy on delta or economy plus on united. So far, only a handful of times in 6 years since i commercial alot for work have i been in the middle seat, and even if it is in the middle, its in economy plus on united. (thank goodness for status now!). However, usairways doesnt tell its passengers, if you dont purchase your seat, only middle seats are available is wrong. its nowhere on the site, nor have they ever said that. my company books with Usair alot and im always in the middle, i just go online and get myself out of the seat and get a new one at the airport. most of the time, works in my favor
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Old Aug 15, 2012, 12:44 PM
azstar azstar is offline
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Charging extra for certain seats, particularly aisle or window, is a no win situation. I agree with the poster. If you pay extra for a seat you should not be asked to move so others can sit together, or so a family can be seated together. But, then they will complain, and you will come off looking like an a-hole if you don't move. The least the airline could do is refund your "upcharge" if you are asked to move to a less desirable seat.
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Old Aug 15, 2012, 5:08 PM
cortney cortney is offline
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I agree with that part. they should have moved people in the back of the aircraft, where the free seats are. not all window or aisle seats on usairways are for sale, just the ones up front. I see where the OP was coming from, he paid for the seat. if they moved me window to window, i wouldnt care, but if they moved me window-center, i would want something in return, like maybe the refund of my window.
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Old Aug 15, 2012, 5:08 PM
Sabra Sabra is offline
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I NEVER change seats if I've paid extra for the seat. I tell the FA and the other passenger that I have paid extra for this seat, so if they would like to give me the cash back that I paid, they can have it.
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Old Aug 15, 2012, 7:56 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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Location: Shropshire, England
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I don't know where airlines get off even asking. An FA should not ask someone who has paid an additional fee for a seat to voluntarily give it up for another customer who has not. It is ridiculous.

Let's take an analogy. I have booked a private box at a sports event, and someone comes along and asks me to change to a standard seat, because two people want to sit together. They have not paid for the box and the sports arena says there would be no refund of the cost of the box.

It is so ridiculous it would never happen.

In the past, airlines tried to argue that no seat was guaranteed. They appear to be trying to stick to this policy, even though they have totally undermined it by selling you specific locations on the aircraft.

If I buy something, I expect to get it...and if I don't, I expect to be refunded. They need to get real.

They seem to think the same applies when they charge extra for luggage. If you charge extra, then people expect to get the service they paid, luggage returned to them at the end of the flight. If the luggage doesn't arrive with the customer, they need a refund. If I FedEx next day delivery, and it is not delivered next day... I expect a refund.
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Old Aug 15, 2012, 8:58 PM
The_Judge The_Judge is offline
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To be fair.....a flight attendant may work different aircraft. Different configurations on them and many times, different configs on the same type of aircraft. They don't know which seats were and weren't paid for.
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Old Mar 24, 2013, 12:58 PM
brookekeith brookekeith is offline
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That is correct fa's have no idea who paid what for which seat. If your in a different class you paid more or if your a miles member they can see that otherwise they have no way of knowing. You'd have to verbally let them know or take it up with a agent because no flight attendant will seperate a family with SMALL kids over a 10-20$ seat difference they don't even know about.
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