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Default Frontier Threatens to Arrest Customer...

I fly often, and until recently Frontier WAS all cookies and Smile's. HOWEVER.. Today Frontier is More like Humanity and Customer Service gone VERY VERY WRONG.. Let me explain,

On July 26, 2014 @ 4:10 AM, I arrived at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Frontier Ticket Counter in Phoenix for a 5:30 AM Flight for a Reservation I had made 14 Days prior when I tried MANY MANY times to make online, but the website kept having errors. (This was a sign not to fly Frontier) So it was made with an Agent who waived the 10.00 Fee for Live Ticket Reservations. (I've learned my lesson by booking 3rd party/ Thats a whole other story.

After 35 Minutes and closer to the front of the line, I noticed that the front was chaotic, (No one really wants to hear agents yelling and frantic first thing) I was called to a kiosk that was not working and created issues for many others, but the guy insisted I try it. I informed him that I had made a reservation for myself and my puppy, but hadn't paid the pet fee yet. (This is my 42 Flight w Frontier BTW)

He yelled,"You need to Check in on the kiosk and worry about the pet later" I asked what he meant and he yelled back,"Just CHECK IN SIR" So, I checked in and gave him my luggage, Now again, I asked, I need to pay my Pet fee, or they will not let me board, He replied," I Dont even work here, I am just helping and I don't know how to take pet fees" he then told me to get back in another long "single" line. So I got in line AGAIN and waited, (Now as the last person) When I was called next i paid my fee and asked, Why was I put back in line because a non employee told me to check in, took my bags and now Im going to miss my flight and my bags are gone!, The girl said, Sorry, I just got here I don't know why.

I then rushed through security and made it to my gate 15 Minutes before it left the gate BUT FIVE Minutes AFTER Frontiers/FAA Cut off time. (Again I waited until the Agent at the Gate was finished re-booking others who had similar issues) and the agent was rude and said he could get me on the next flight out in 2 days for a 75.00 rebooking fee, I was like, WHAT?! Then I asked for my luggage back and was told I would have to wait 12 Hours for its return..

So, Lets recap so far, I arrived in plenty of time, a NON-Emp who works for the airport but not Frontier checks people in but cant completely check everyone in because he doesnt work there redirects me to another line making me miss my flight and now its me who has to wait 2 days and pay rebooking to use Frontier OR wait 12 hours Claim my luggage back and Re send it through Delta. (Which was my new choice had they not taken my bags already)

I said, Neither was acceptable to me, and I wanted to speak with his supervisor immediately. He Replied, Wait here, She will be here in 20-25 Minutes.
I walked across the Isle, Grabbed a Starbucks coffee and called Delta to see if I could get home that way. (Which didn't work because Frontier had my Luggage still/UGH) 45 Minutes later I noticed the Agent and Everyone was Gone.. I felt abandoned so I walked back downstairs to the ticket counter, I WAS VERY UPSET, The Second agent who didn't seem to care before was cheerfully relaxing with another woman, gate agent and guy off the tarmac and when I approached her and asked where her manager was and why I was left at the gate this was UNACCEPTABLE and I smacked my hand on the counter and said, I WANT THIER SUPERVISOR/ Immediately I was interrupted, The Latino Ortho from bettlejuice looking/acting gate agent Yelled at me and said YOU SIT DOWN OR I WILL HAVE YOU ARRESTED, IM SERIOUS< YOU WILL GO TO JAIL! He then Started looking and acting like he was calling security (This whole time now I am just starring at him thinking I could be arrested for being upset)
He Told me to Shut up and sit down and his Supervisor would be right out,
AGAIN, I waited, and finally 30 Minutes later (Now its just after 8AM)
A woman Comes out and totally ignores me and when she does make it my way says, (Rudely) Ill deal with you in a Minute.. Then she just stood there for a minute and looks back at me and says, ok, follow me. (this whole time I was Silent and polite I really wanted to get my bags and leave but knew they had me in the palm )
Without an introduction she (Rudely) asked for my tickets and started typing, She said something came up for that day/morning and how would I like to pay the 75.00 re-booking fee, I gave her my CC and asked about my bags, She said they would arrive at my final destination and I could claim them there, I then asked if she would hear why I missed my first flight and she replied,"It doesn't really matter, I can see you where late getting to the Airport and thats not our fault" I was like WHAT?! I did say this, (Now looking at her badge) Shannon, Its obvious you have no common sense or you would know thats not true without even hearing me/ Immediately I was Interrupted and now she was Yelling Saying, You must have had time to Stop for a coffee and she looked at my drink I had from AFTER the flight left, Then she said, Do you even want to fly and held my tickets like she was going to rip them up, I can make it so that you never fly, is that what you want?? ... Wow.. NEVER In my Life had someone been so rude.. At that moment I just wanted to leave Phoenix and get to Denver where I could voice myself safely and NEVER FLY Frontier Phoenix Again,, I took my tickets and said thank you and walked away.

Later Before my flight left I saw the guy who doesn't work frontier buy does and asked him why he helps frontier check in and take bags, but doesn't work there, He said I was looking confused so he helped me, I said but I was in line, you where behind the counter, Had I known you didn't work there I would have ignored you and waited until an agent could take me. He said it shouldn't matter, I got on another flight.. Wow I thought.

When I arrived in Denver, I went to Customer Service.. WHAT A JOKE! I think Frontier Uses Nice people to Burn out behind a Customer Service desk that just listens and very politely gives you a cheap black and white business card with a PRE Highlighted Complaints emails and says, Don't call, they receive way to many phone calls and cant get to them all so its best to email them..

I cant believe this is all happening? Is this the way companies are going to start dealing with high volume complaints? Just send us to a Voicemail or email? Its been 10 days since I filed a complaint. No Response..

FINALLY., I see that without reading all comments its easy to say this is about customers being cheap, But Im not being cheap. My argument was that I didn't even have a fair choice. Its about being on time and if theres no staff or agents to check you in and they all show up after your flight departs, I ask, would it be fair to charge everyone re-booking fees for times they are not FULLY Operational?
All said and done, I found the Company who owns Frontier, Its Indigo Partners LLC n Phoenix Az off Camelback, (Which happens to be in my Attorneys building))
airline complaints, arrest, cheap, frontier

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