Baggage Problems
COMPLAINT: Refusal to reimburse costs for lost baggage-AA Flt.24

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Old Jul 3, 2008, 8:37 PM
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I flew with my two sons from San Francisco to Milan via JFK on May 24,2008 (Sunday). The first flight had a broken toilet and no running water (no coffee,no tea, mainly no running water in bathroom). We arrived at JFK on time with an hour plus between flights and flights only 4 gates apart.Flight to Milan had another broken toilet.Arrived on time, waited and waited for luggage- 1 bag of 3 arrived. There was ONE person on duty and about 40 passengers with no luggage. The AA person ran around and in the back and told us luggage was there, it just went to another place in airport. 1 and 1/2 hours after flight arrived he announces "no more luggage". There's a mad rush to line to file forms and still only one guy working (with very limited English). Finally our turn (another hour in line) and I make him help me fill out form (it's pretty much in Italian). I explain that we are going on that day to Venice and he says no problem luggage will be sent to Venice tomorrow (Monday). I wrote down the hotel address and luckily I also wrote down a hotel address in Florence where will travel to on Wednesday.I asked him specifically about money for toiletries, etc. and he just says no, no, no and goes to next person in line. We travel on to Venice and tell hotel about luggage. The Milan AA guy gave us an Italian baggage phone number but the hotel tells us don't bother, it always rings busy. (We try for 3 days and it always rings busy.) The next morning (Monday) AA leaves message at hotel that one bag to arrive that day in Venice and they have sent the other bag to Florence (duh?). I try to call AA regular number in Italy and always get the "we are closed, try again, we are open 8-5. Tuesday night comes and still no luggage. I finally called AA baggage in the U.S. and sit on hold for over 30 minutes. This is a $107 phone call! Finally a woman in baggage says that they sent our luggage to Florence on Monday and she has no idea why. I called hotel in Florence and they were very confused. It was a small place with no computer reservation and luckily they had looked ahead in their book and found us. Finally Wednesday night (after early a.m. Sunday arrival) we are reunited with our luggage. In Venice my son and I each purchased a basic white t-shirt. For him I purchased a razor, shaving cream, deodorant and one pair of socks. Otherwise, we lived in the same clothes for 4 days!
I filed a complaint via the AA website when we returned home and asked for a form to file for reimbursement of above plus the telephone call. Their response was to quote me their "policy"- you have to receive authorization for reimbursement of items when you file your lost baggage claim or you can call. Well I did ask and he didn't understand (no supervisors, just one guy). The 800 number that the "customer service" (what a misnomer) said I should have called is for domestic not international. The Italy phone number was never answered in 4 days.
You can't talk to anyone in customer service on phone, it's all done via email and takes weeks for response.
Well I just booked a kids sports group of 46 on United and I also booked 4 business class tickets to Paris for an anniversary celebration (not on AA). I guess if you add those 2 items up maybe someone in the joke department called customer service should have just sent a claim form for my few little items. I'll walk before I fly AA again.
Oh and to top it all off- on the return flight home after our trip the toilet was broken. AA- fix your bathrooms and fix your customer service.
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Old Jul 15, 2008, 4:27 PM
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Ok now I am scared!!! They will probably not reimburse me either!!!!! OMG!
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