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Default Denied boarding - card verification -Qatar Airways

Dear travellers,

I bought a ticket on Thursday 21/05/2015 on Qatar Airways website Amman- Bali - Abu Dhabi in the name of my sister but paid for it online with my personal credit card. On such day I received:

1)An Electronic Ticket Receipt stating: Trip status: Confirmed * Your trip is confirmed and the reservation is guaranteed.** We recommend you make a note of the booking reservation number or print this page.
2)An sms from my bank stating that my credit card was “successfully charged” with the total amount of the ticket.

The day my sister was supposed to fly she was denied boarding and told that the card used for the ticket was not verified. They claimed they sent me an email asking for verification, but I never received such email. Having received the ticket via email and the charge I was relaxed that everything was ok.

As my sister was at the airport 3 hours before departure she immediately called me (7 hours difference) and I tried - not without stress - to verify my card. I called the customer services and asked them to walk me though the necessary steps. They ask me to take a picture of my passport and upload online on this special form. I oblige, do the needful and wait. Then my sister calls back 40 min later saying that it was not enough because they wanted a picture of my credit card. So, I rush to do that but by the time we are done, the boarding gate was closed and she had to wait 24 hour for the next plane.

This cost us a lot of money: over 2 hours of international phonecalls, a cab back to the city centre and back to the airport next day, one extra night in the hotel for my sister. Let alone the stress and panic for the denied boarding.

Below you find QA response to my complain, saying that they take "fraud" seriously. But shouldn't have the security verifications occurred when I purchased the ticket? They actually did because I had to use a pin code for using the card! Furthermore, sending an email (as they claim) to solicit a verificatiob is not a sure way of getting in touch as it clearly never reached me. I had to give two contact numbers to complete the purchase but they did not try to reach us trhough any of the numbers to ask for such a verification.

Consequently, because we did not receive the service we paid for the day we paid for it I asked for compensation. They of course denied it. I clearly will never fly QA again, given the great (and expensive) disservice I went through (the ticket was around 1000 dollars too) but I am not going to stop until I am satsfied with their response. Afterall, I got my ticket and payment confirmation! What else is one supposed to have?

Any idea of suggestion is welcome

QR REF: CAS-592260-C0Z3Y4
07 June 2015

Dear Mr. xxx,

Thank you for your further correspondence.

We have reviewed your complaint thoroughly as well as the pertinent reports received, however we did not find any new information that would otherwise change the findings that was written on our previous email to you.

Based from our record, your booking was made on 21 May 2015 at 16:37 Amman local time and an email was sent to you on the same day that Credit Card Verification is required.

However, since it was not completed prior to departure, message was sent to our Airport team to verify the credit card prior to acceptance.

We sincerely do not underestimate the inconvenience experienced here, however we are unable to consider your request for ticket refund as it was already been fully utilized.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Respectfully Yours,

Nelly Paunil
Officer Customer Care

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Thumbs down Denied Boarding - Card Verification

The case reported by Nomad 7-Jun-15 is very similar to mine and happened earlier this month. Online payment was made by me successfully and ticket confirmation was issued. This confirmation was for a friend of mine and contained no mention of credit card verification. I also failed to receive an email directly warning me of the potential need for credit card verification i.e. in advance of the first leg of my friends PNH-SGN return.

With or without credit card verification I am left wondering how Qatar Airways can believe it is reasonable to doubt every passengers' honesty and to punish them so severely. We are equally keen that fraudsters do not get away with illegal activities but Qatar Airways, in association with the credit card companies, have a duty of care to ensure their policies and procedures do not risk honest fare-paying passengers having to suffer.

We are already made to feel like potential terrorists by airport security. We should not have to suffer the extra indignity of being treated as if we are all potential criminals by airline check-in staff.

On May 12th my friend was refused travel by the Qatar Airways check-in staff at PNH airport and, as I was in the air at the time on a flight from HKG, I was unavailable to help resolve the issue. Consequently, my friend was forced to pay another US$226 for a 45 minute one-way flight with another airline that took off 3.5 hours later to our mutual destination, SGN airport. Not a massive cost in money, compared to Nomad, but a huge amount of anxiety caused nevertheless.

On May 17th, the night before my friend was due to take the return leg of the same return flight, I called the Doha office to make sure my friend would be allowed to travel. After a couple of calls I was eventually told that my friends flight on May 18th had been approved. This approval by the Doha office was not passed on to the SGN airport check-in staff and we were both consequently kept waiting for over an hour until being issued boarding passes. Yet further anxiety that would easily have been avoided if the Doha staff had taken steps to ensure that the SGN airport staff were notified of the approval.

I am still at the early stages of seeking a satisfactory response from the Airline, but I was not impressed with the first response I received today. The email was from a Customer Care Officer, received 2 weeks after my first email on May 13th. Now, after reading the many complaints on this website, I fear that my friend and I may have further anxiety to suffer.

I have flown several times with Qatar Airways between HKG & LHR via DOH and have been very happy with the service I received from the flight attendants. I remain hopeful that my case will be escalated within the Qatar Airways management and that my valid concerns will soon result in a more conciliatory response.

I will post further updates if my valid concerns are not treated with the respect and understanding that it is reasonable to expect from a major airline.
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