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Default You broke some hearts & lied

I am legal guardian of my step daughter's two oldest children for 13 years and am a widower for 10. Their little sister was adopted by a wonderful family in Texas 11 years ago. I booked a flight from Calif. so my granddaughter in my care, age 17, could spend time with her little sister and her family for the only 5 days available between our families this summer.
Yesterday 7/21/16 was the network problem Southwest experienced. It didn't bother me that I had to return to the Burbank airport to pick her up the same day, as she was rescheduled for this morning. But today at 2AM my granddaughter was awakened by a SW text message that the new flight was cancelled. With my supervision she called SW and was able to get another flight and boarding passes.
These flights had a layover in Las Vegas. We have been at that airport together twice before. This morning, after my child waited >2 hrs at her gate, she was called by an agent and asked her age which she honestly answered as 17.
Anyone over 11 yrs old pays the Adult fare.
It seems a supervisor took it upon themselves to disallow my granddaughter passage for a 1 hr layover in Las Vegas because of "what ifs": what if the connecting flight is late, has mechanical problems, is canceled. She was told "there are no hotel rooms in Las Vegas, all hotels are booked solid". "We can't be responsible for you at LV airport.
Oh really, I called LV hotels myself and there are rooms available. Pricey with weekend rates. Southwest Airlines employs Liars. LIARS!
Why did they not contact us sooner? I waited until my granddaughter went through security and arrived at her gate.
I'm sure they graciously gave her ticket to someone.

This was a planned but missed opportunity for two young ladies and we are dealing with their heartache and tears. I won't curse in this forum and I have nothing good to say about SW. I will NEVER again use that airline as I have other options. Now, I'm told, they can't initiate a refund from SW offices at the airport so I have to Call on the Phone (ever been on hold with SW?) and waste more of our time. But why should they care. It's all about money and they won't miss ours at all. They said they would have put her up at a hotel and I know for a fact there are rooms available and they are expensive.
All I can say is Forget YOU Southwest. I will tell everyone I know what they've done. Turkeys.
liars, lies, money minded, poor customer service, poor performance

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