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Old Aug 18, 2016, 1:36 AM
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Angry flight 1661 delayed missed 2057 as a result on July 21st: I was 26 hours late!!

I was involved in the great software debacle On July 21st and I am hoping for your help resolving this issue for me. I have a reference number but haven’t heard anything: 2125967092945.
I travelled to Oakland to visit my sick mother. My mother is elderly and in poor health. I arrived in Denver late. I had missed my flight to Oakland from Cleveland due to the software glitch & ended up being on standby for 5 flights in Denver on Thursday. I had asked for a meal voucher but was told no & ended up sleeping on the floor in Denver. On Wednesday I had an epidural (4 shots) in my neck (car accident) and sleeping on the floor in the Denver terminal was terrible. My mother has been in and out of the hospital for weeks & was finally told that her heart condition is non-operable. I ended up arriving Oakland 26 hours late, missing over 25% of my entire time with my parents. I was in a lot of pain for this trip (thanks to sleeping on the floor) but I tried not to let my parents know about it. I’ll be honest: it was pretty bad. I was given a $200 travel voucher as compensation. I find this to be wholly unsatisfactory. I met a woman who was delayed for 4 hours in Atlanta (I think it was Atlanta anyways) She told me that Southwest had gone to Chik Fil A and brought food to all of the passengers in the terminal AND she got a $200 voucher. My voucher works out to be $7.69 cents an hour compared to her $50 an hour. I am not sure why the discrepancy. I also spent about $70 on food and drinks during my 26 hour delay. My brother sent me an email from Southwest for half of their next flight for his wife and a passenger because they had a mere two hour delay. I didn’t even get an email or any communication from Southwest apologizing for one to the worst travel experiences of my life.

I respectfully request a pair of tickets good for one year to any continental U.S. destination as ‘a make good’ for this. I plan to use them to take my wife out to see my parents in the Fall. I didn’t realize how important this time with my mom was. The missed day made my departure that much worse for us. I was very impressed with almost every gate agent I dealt with; they were graceful under pressure and I saw some extremely rude passengers make wild demands and assertions about why they needed to make their flights. I assure you that wasn’t me, although I will tell you I teared up in Salt Lake City when talking about my mom.

With any luck I will be travelling cross country for years to come to visit my parents and I hope to make Southwest Airlines my airline of choice. Thank you.

I have submitted this complaint 4 times at the southwest website and haven't heard anything back.

Dan Desrochers

Southwest flight confirmation # is: 90QU92
Ticket # 5262429489156
Old Aug 23, 2016, 6:55 PM
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A reasonable, respectful complaint which is rare on this site.
To the OP, this is just a gripe site so submitting here won't help you.
1. I wouldn't have put your PNR or ticket number, always someone lurking with nefarious intentions.
2. Your compensation request might be a tad heavy, given they already gave you $200 credit. I could see realistically getting an additional $200 but beyond that....I'm sort of doubting it.
I'd be persistent with customer service as its the only way you'll get some sort of remediation. Good luck.
canceled flight, southwest, southwest airlines

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