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Default Nuts Served On Flagged Flight Causing Me To Have Attack

On Saturday, December 17th, I was flying with 5 others from Cancun to Minneapolis. I had flagged the flight several months ago as noted with a peanut allergy. On the flight to Cancun, an announcement was made prior to boarding (as I'm used to) indicating to other passengers nuts would not be served and they should refrain from bringing them on the plane.

I've always understood that the airlines can't stop passengers from doing so, but will guarantee they won't serve.

On Saturday, we were in flight and no announcement had yet been made. I hadn't even thought about it because the flight was significantly delayed and we kept being told of issue after issue.

Finally, the head attendant approached me and said "So you have a nut allergy?" to which I responded yes. She then asked me "what kind of allergy is it?" which I found odd. She then said "well, can I serve nuts up to like 4 rows in front of you?" I was shocked, as I've never been asked that or even heard of that. When I didn't respond initially, she got visibly annoyed and said "Well, what do you want me to do?" to which I said "not serve nuts."

She walked away and an announcement was made shortly after.

As they started their drink service, I noticed that I was starting to feel off and indeed smelled nuts. I figured a passenger had just opened something, and got out my medication to take, however, shortly after the attendants got closer to my row and I heard them offering peanuts to passengers. I looked over at others traveling with me, and their expressions told me they had also heard it (which they then verbally confirmed). At about 2 rows in front of me they suddenly stopped offering it.

At this point, I had to take medication because of the overwhelming smell. Complaining in flight would have done no good because it was already done.

I emailed Delta that night and received their standard "we'll get back to you within 30 days" response, so I then tweeted them. They had the nerve to direct message me and offer me a 50 dollar voucher.

50 dollars when they could have KILLED me for their negligence.
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A lot of food is made in facilities that have nut products processed or contain nut product. If you are that sensitive to nuts you should maybe consider not flying commercially - if you life is at risk flying with the general public then the cost of flying privately or an alternative mode such as driving should be small versus your life.
I hate to sound unsympathetic but your needs shouldn't encroach on the freedoms of others.

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