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Default Removed from plane

Delta airlines does not treat its customers like customers. When recently flying the last leg of my flight, Delta Flight #2047 departing from Atlanta, I was informed although being in Zone 2 by the flight attendant there was no spaces available and I would have to check my bag. I tried to ask if there was any chance we could look to see if folks were putting book bags or briefcases in the bins and ask they place them under the seat so that my bag would fit as I had an expensive computer along with a meeting the following morning I had to be at and could not show up in jeans. Unfortunately she would not even allow me to finish speaking and was extremely rude cutting me off and telling me to check my bag. I walked off the plane and had waited until all the passengers boarded along with several other passengers who had to have their bag checked. When watching my bag get tagged and thrown on the conveyor belt I was concerned about my computer. I proceeded to board the plane along with the few remaining passengers and the same flight attendant who asked me to check my bag along with another attendant were both standing in the aisle. As I tried to walk around her she squared up to face the front of the plane and we bumped into each other. She immediately starting screaming at me and informed me to get off the plane. I did not say anything and walked off the plane where I was greeted by a ticketing agent. I was then asked to leave the plane and catch the next flight. When trying to explain the situation and what happened the service agent was not empathic nor wanted to hear about what happened. I informed her that I would not need to be ticketed for another flight and that I would book another airline to finish the last leg of my flight. I was appalled at how I was treated, thrown off the plane for accidently bumping into the airline attendant when it was clearly her fault when she purposely blocked the aisle way when I was trying to get by her. And then to hear from the service agent that she was told by the flight attendant that I had "charged" at her was completely false. I informed the service agent that was not even a possibility as I had someone in front of me and someone on my heels in back of me and for the flight attendant to make up such a story was appalling. Because of this, I am vowing never to take another Delta flight and have already begun booking all of my flights through another carrier. This is not the way to treat your customers and on top of that to lie and have them thrown off the plane was even more disturbing.

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