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RE: Delta Airlines confirmation JMT7ZE
Upon checking in with you at the airport on May 14, 2018, although acknowledging that payment has been made for the 2 of us traveling, I was forced to pay the fares again on another credit card for some stupid reason. Then a credit was to be issued immediately on the original payment. I had to use a different card as the original card used for the payment was comprised jyust before the flight but you had record of the payment. What's the problem?? You made it very difficult for us to checkin. That bws a rewards card and the credit on it, IF I EVER GET IT FROM YOU, will cost me $40.00 in rewards.
It is now May 31, 2018 and the credit has not been received.
You're using my money for free. What is that all about????? When I made the original booking, you processed payment on these fares twice, but promptly credited the duplicates.

Our return flight was late arriving at JFK and reducing our layover time to about 40 minutes, after we cleared customs. I was about to place our bags on the transfer belt and was told our reservations on the connecting flight was cancelled. We're in the same terminal, have precheck and could have made that flight. BUT NO, your agent booked us on the next flight in the morning, now forcing us to pay $276.00 hotel fee!!! Ridiculous!!! I had a 1PM flight that day leaving me with a 3 hr. span to get home, unpack and repack. Unfortunately, that was also on Delta. That was my last flight on Delta Airlines. I have had it with your ignorance and mistreatment of this customer. I am a travel agent (IATA10517452) and I will not book my clients on Delta Airlines, or any tours involving Delta Airlines.

After 2 hours on the phone, I received a credit for only one fare on June 2, 19 days after being forced to make a duplicate payment on the 2 fares.

Another hour on the phone on June 5 got me nowhere with Delta Airlines in securing a credit for the 2nd fare that I was forced to pay again at the counter. I was told to fax proof of purchase and a bunch of other stuff. i am getting no satisfaction with Delta and when this miserable ordeal is over and I have received what's due to me, I will have absolutely nothing to do with Delta Airlines again.
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On the 1st part, if your card was compromised and you called and canceled that, then your reservation becomes flagged in the reservation system as a potential fraudulent which would prompt you to have to buy a new reservation I have seen many many times.
As far as the 2nd part things happen, and customs facilities can get over crowded and backed up. The airlines can not control that. The airlines depending on the destination and curfews that may be in place at certain airports will/would rebook you onto the next flight. Curfew violations can be steep so those flights tend not to be held.

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