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Default Southwest Airlines DISGRACFUL treatment of CA Paradide fire Victims

We had a southwest flight booked to be able to leave behind what was considered the "most toxic air quality in the world" in Chico / Paradise due to the deadly wild fires. they first moved or other wise told us our flight was pretty much not available when we attempted to check a day prior and that the flight had problems due to heavy delays and holiday traffic and all five our family members and friends ended up leaving in an emergency as our homes were filled with toxic air where we were living and using respirator n95 masks as daily necessity. Also, there had been 30,000 plus additional refugees or homeless crammed into the small college town of Chico. Long story a little shorter we got our family and friends to safely to Los Angeles in an 9 hour drive and then received a message stating that not only had we not been able to take the flight, but they were also not going to refund the flights as we'd attempted to change or move the flights on our phones due to internet outages and "unfortunately it just their policy" even after we pleaded with customer service and informed them of our plight after one of the most destructive fires in California history leaving many dead and over four hundred still missing they said we'd need to write to corporate at this point my wife thought that if we spoke to someone high up such as CEO Gary Kelly they would for sure take everything into consideration and after being assured they put their customers first, we were told we'd receive a call back from an executive in corporate and how "sorry they were for this tragic circumstance" we actually asked to speak to Gary Kelly or his people and instead we got a return call from an executive that verbatim said "we don't have anything we can do once a flight is no show your money or even a credit isn't possible under any circumstances unless we can price we were in hospital or something of that nature" My wife and I being a twenty year plus customers of southwest this was just a huge insensitive slap in the face response to victims of such an horrific disaster that needed to leave the area in an emergency sityatuin as it was world wide news that the area was again "the most toxic place on earth" air quality in the red "very unhealthy to hazardous to health" on AIQ scale. It's extremely apparent that CEO Gary Kelly and his subordinates main focus is how much money they can squeeze out of their customers and not the safety and well being of them. It's not coincidence they are currently in the world news for another insensitive act involving another paying customer. It's not even about the money,refund or credit that would have been the correct gesture for people who have lost so much in these fires. It's more the principal that they should be sympathetic and show some empathy to victims of disasters who have lost, homes, lives and friends. Instead they try to take a little bit more of the money they need to rebuild their lives. I'm writing this from my thoughts and reliving the terrible experience I've had talking to at least four people all passing me along to someone else who had the same insensitive scripted "shutdown the customer and keep their money at any cost. Gary Kelly and his people in corporate should be ashamed. Adding insult to unjury the executive that called me back had this to say when I displayed a sense of shock and then anger to the dismissive way we'd been treated. I said to him that I would share this with other potential future customers who might experience the same terrible treatment. Remember these are tickets we'd paid for to leave day after Thanksgiving we were doing them a favor as they probably had the seats sold for way more than the $55 per ticket we'd spent and they had over booked flights and they were dealing with Holiday traffic and making their bottom line as well as killing on holiday weekend. They just needed to get that last bit of money from disaster victims some who had lost their homes in the fire as well as their pets, but escaped with their lives. One word for their representive & The CEO DISGRACEFUL !!! apparently the executive I spoke to said that if I were talking to Gary Kelly himself he'd shut me down the same way. That's who is charge terrible!!! Shocked and stunned by the way they treated paying customers !!!
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