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Default Flight: QR728 Employee: Hamid Al Baker

We bought our tickets in October 2018, through a travel agents who booked our vegetarian (AVML) meals. While on-line checking-in on the 18th December, we first did not see our special meals request. Then when we called our travel agent, she did check and came back with a response that she saw the meal requests. Then we did logon again and saw the meal requests. We did confirm this with the staff at check-in at Philadelphia. So, in summary we did have the meal requests at the time of boarding confirmed.

However the meal service took enormous time and the crew member told us we have no requests. She almost insinuated that we are lying. After another considerable wait she bought three entrees stating that they are not AVML but vegetarian. Two of them were vegetarian and one had chicken, so I could not touch it.

The vegetarian food which my daughter and wife ate can be described at best as being extraordinarily bad and the “WORST FOOD,” we ever had on any airlines. We have travelled wide.

My daughter had a brief episode of black-out which I attribute to delay in serving food and also not the right food. Here I should thank the crew who were with us and helped us.

Air travel is not cheap and we do pay high prices. Least we could expect is some proper food and if the main meal is messed-up due to the incompetency of the airlines and staff, I do not think it is fair to the customers. The meal request panel is designed so inefficiently that it makes you wonder who built the IT infrastructure for Qatar!

Qatar crew could have been little helpful by just going to Business class or first class and just pick-up three vegetarian entrees, the problem could have been solved. OSo I strongly believe that your staff needs sensitivity training.

Whoever did your IT development may not be competent. When we open the special meals tab most airlines show all the passengers’ meal preferences in one screen. In Qatar’s system we need to login with each name separately to see the preferences, which is strange as all the three passengers have the same QR booking reference. When we opened the special meals tab during on-line check-in we saw vegetarian meals only under one name and the other two had no selection. We have to login in individually to see the preferences. This is problem 1.

Problem 2 points to the fact that if the crew’s manifest did not have AVML preferences listed, then the booking system, on-line check-in system and food assignment system are not well integrated, which should be looked into carefully.

It was interesting that in the second segment (Doha to Cochin) we had AVML listed. It was a contiguous ticket (not different) and it is very strange to see that one leg there is no meal preference and the other has it. So it points to a third problem and possible confirmation that your crew is lying.

The third problem is that by the time your crew member found that we need AVML there were none left so she possibly took a high road, simply tell the passengers you did not give any preference - imply, that you are lying. If the flight ran out of AVML meals then there is fourth problem of inventory management. On-line check-in and food services are not talking to each other at the final cut off time.

I strongly feel that what has happened to us is unfair and needs to be addressed.
worst food

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