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Default Hidden Fees

While booking a ticket for my son, I tried to sign in with my rapid rewards account. I did not notice that the SWA computer program switched out my name for my son's name. When I noticed, I called and was told I missed the 24 hour "grace period". They refused to switch out names and told me to cancel my flight and fly some other time. I could not use that money for any other passenger's flight--so I could not cancel and rebook under my son's name. After several calls, I was offered an "exception" but it would cost me $100 of my fare. I would then receive a voucher in 7 to 10 work days (after my son's flight). I asked what the $100 was for, and was told it was for "taxes and liabilities". They refused to tell me who the taxes were paid to and what they meant by liabilities. When I asked for a manager I was told "no" and then I was told that if I insisted I would be put on a 24 to 48 hour call back and then speak to "someone on the same level as me with no more empowerment" .

How can "taxes and liabilities" exist on one type of refund and not on another--especially if I chose to fly elsewhere--as they would accrue another airport tax. This sounds like a hidden fee/fine for name changes.

If they are 10 days behind on refunding their tickets and are taking $100 from each ticket refunded, can you imagine how lucrative a class action law suit would be? Considering South West advertises transparency and no hidden fees--both were violated in my transaction and I can't be the only one experiencing this.

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Should have reviewed it before final purchase.
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Originally Posted by pattis View Post
Should have reviewed it before final purchase.
I concur, you did not pay attention to details before you hit send. Why is this Southwest Arlines fault?
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Default Typical

Whoops, you missed the point.

Yes, I should have looked, I made a mistake.

One might suggest, that the Southwest computer should not have undone my typed in information for an unrequested auto update.

One might further suggest, that the interest of customer service, the name could have easily been changed to my son's name, as the airline would not have lost anything in the transaction. The seat would be filled.

Instead, the company appears to be attempting to profit from the situation that was partially caused by their computer system and partly by a silly, needless policy which creates a "hidden fee"--in violation of their advertised policy. That's where Southwest's fault comes in strongest.

I don't see why a customer has to be on the defensive in dealing with an airline--aren't we all aiming for the same goal--getting people to where they want to go?

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