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Default Poor customer service

Please find my initial complaint (below) to Qatar Airways for which I didn't even get an acknowledgment.

Dear Qatar Airways,

I flew out with my eight month old and my five year old on the 24th of July from Manchester in the UK to Kochi in India. It is hard enough to fly these days, but when I fly with two very young children, you would think that the airline who claims to be 'Going places together' and being 'the future of flying' would take a little care to be more in touch with its passengers. Naaah, not a chance. The entire trip was a litany of poor passenger care and a lack of thought in basic safety elements,

1. Poor safety design - the platform holding the bassinet. My eight month old hurt himself on at least two occasion on the very sharp edges of the platform. It is also a hazard to any passenger sitting close to the platform because if you attempt to bend over to pick up anything from the floor, your head is dangerously close to being severely lacerated.
2. Staff who just don't seem to care - On one occasion I had the food trays in front of my five year old and I. My eight month old who had hurt himself on the edge of the platform, would not stop crying. I rang for help repeatedly, all I wanted was someone to clear our trays so I could reach my baby. After 30 minutes of no one turning up, including after asking one of the passing air stewards, who said he 'would be just back because he was attending to an emergency', I had to have my five year old take the trays to the galley so I could safely reach the baby in the bassinet, with the help of the lady sitting behind us. There was no concern and not an apology from any of the staff.
3. The food - was awful. I had asked for a baby meal and child meal in May when i had made this booking. What we got for the baby was a puree of some indistinguishable nature on the first sector and on the second they didn't even have that. It was fortunate that I had carried some food for the baby. Our five year old daughter got half a sandwich wrapped in clingfilm, that would have put a significant portion of the world's budget airlines to shame. If that's the best Qatar Airways can do, maybe you should just say we don't serve any food and ask passengers to carry our own. At least that way we won't go hungry and you don't have to serve what passes as excuse for meals.
4. And then finally you lost our bag and I got it after 72 hours. This bag had my thyroid medication, the children's clothes and the baby's formula. When I asked the Qatar Ground staff, I was told that this is a 'normal occurrence'. It really is a badge of honour that you could live without as an organisation.

We flew QR22 Manchester to Doha on the 24th of July and QR514 Doha to Kochi on the same day.

To say I am disappointed, would be an understatement. In this day and age of choice, you do yourselves a great disservice by your lack of attention and care. Customer satisfaction must be earned and is immensely hard to retain. I should know I am in the Service industry and I can tell you that if I or any in my team had provided customer service even close to what I endured, there would have been a number seeking new roles.

I expect a suitable response within 48 hours to my mail, failing which I intend to post my experience on Social Media. Maybe that will then focus your attention.

Dhanya Paul.
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