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Angry Humiliated and lied to by DELTA

I'd like to report an issue with Delta, and hopefully find a way to escalate the problem, other than twit about it.

The problem started at ATL, when the airport staff would not let me get to the gate on time, and Delta staff at the gate, even knowing I was at the airport, did nothing to help me board my flight.

I was on a trip from Costa Rica to London for an official Argentine mission to the UK, hosted by the UK Embassy, and was supposed to be at the Argentine Embassy in London on Monday, March 20, at 8 AM, which is why I had scheduled to arrive a day in advance.

I arrived early in ATL on DL895 from Costa Rica, on Saturday March 18. I asked 5 different people to let me get through to the gate during migrations control and security check. They all told me in a very rude manner there's nothing they could do, that I had to wait. There were only 2 booths for over 400 people. The lady stamping my passport even made fun of me when I asked her how far the gate was, if I could make it. She literally said, when looking at the departure time: "Oh yes, of course you can make it. You'll even have time to get a drink. Me, I'm off in 15 minutes". By then, at the gate they had already given my seat away, even though they knew I had landed in the previous flight from Costa Rica. Delta never bothered to help me through a known problem with migrations and security checks at that airport, a problem that all Delta employees recognized. The security check lady even sent other people behind me to another security check point, but wouldn't let me then leave the line. The woman at the gate (E8) never bothered to look for me, although she recognized they knew I was the only person missing and she could see I had landed at ATL. I got to the gate 15 minutes before departure, but they all said it was not their fault, they had just given my seat away. Many people missed their flights on that night, and everyone was very nervous and answering back at airport staff at the security check point that night.

The most humiliating part of all this is that, due to effort incontinence while running, trying to make it to the gate, I peed on myself. I even skipped going to the bathroom to save time. Even after that, it took me about 1 hour to convince the ticketing counter employee to get me to London sooner than Monday night, and even I had to come up with the idea of flying me through another airport. They didn't accept to fly me through another airline. There were no stores open to buy new clothes and change, and I could not wash overnight at the hotel the clothes that I was wearing, the only ones I had. I had to stay naked in the room, and wear the same clothes to the airport the next morning. At the airport, I had to buy whatever appropriate clean clothes I could find to wear while flying to NY and London, and also for my first meetings, as I was denied access to my luggage in ATL, although initially they said I could get it. At this point I needed to get to the Embassy straight from Heathrow, and still I missed 70% of my official meetings in London on Monday, which was the most important day of the official mission. At the gate for the NY flight in ATL and in NY at JFK, the gate employees confirmed my luggage was traveling with me, when I specifically asked about this. When I get to London they tell me it's not there. I had to buy appropriate clothes again for the Ambassador's reception in the afternoon, wasting time I should have spent at a trade show. I arrived late to 2 different meetings because of this, and completely missed one meeting. I cannot even estimate how much I lost as a result of this, and that cannot possibly be re-scheduled.

I requested a full reimbursement at least of these expenses. They only agreed to 20%. I will never fly Delta again, or through ATL, which is no less than Delta's hub. But I will still pursue this out of the humiliation I felt then, and even now. They have the record that I requested the bags, but no record of them not giving me access to them. How convenient. Why would I have requested access twice then? Why would I have expenses if I had access to my bags? That single fact caused me to incur in expenses. And the CS representative won't escalate the issue.

I'd appreciate any feedback on how to further pursue this claim. Thank you.
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