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Default Anti Semitism

I know how important customer service is to any airline and I am writing to inform you of a very unpleasant flying experience and unsatisfactory resolution that I recently had with Delta Airlines. I am hoping that you can rectify the situation and prevent future passengers from receiving such poor service.

I flew on DL41 from JFK to SYD on Wednesday, December 14th 2016 for a family celebration which I was very excited to attend. However, the experience on Delta marred this excitement and I arrived in Sydney feeling frustrated and aggrieved. Throughout the entire journey I had miserable experience, and if I am honest, I don't think I've ever been so unhappy with the service provided by any staff on any airline and I have traveled all over the world. As a frequent flyer on Virgin Atlantic I feel I must write to you and express my displeasure. On the first leg of the journey, JFK - LAX I was suffering from a severe migraine and on asking the cabin crew for either ice or a cold towel I was informed that they're unable to provide me with either. The lack of assistance and rudeness was astounding. I felt that this was a simple request which I explained to the crew however no help was offered whatsoever. I would also think that the crew would prioritize passengers comfort and wellness.
In addition, I suffer severely from a nut allergy which could be fatal if not treated correctly or if I am mistakenly given nuts or any products containing nuts to eat. Additionally, I am Jewish and adhere to a strict kosher diet as part of my faith. It is for these reasons that on the second leg of the journey, LAX - SYD I had preordered a nut free meal or a Kosher meal. I was approached when on the plane by ground staff before takeoff who informed me that neither was provided because "it was an inconvenience" I was therefore forced to sit on a 16 hour flight with absolutely nothing to eat. At no point during the duration of the flight was I offered a substitute of any sort. I find it difficult to believe that there wasn't any fruit in any other cabins that could have been offered. This is service, or lack of, has made me seriously consider whether I should ever fly with Delta again. I fly frequently from New York to London and this experience has not instilled in me any faith or confidence with Delta, or any desire to fly with you in the future. I called your customer care line and was offered a $75 credit which would require that I purchase another Delta ticket.

I am frustrated because Delta did not deliver the services that are implicit when I purchase a ticket. I believe that a passenger deserves common courtesy. On a 16 hour flight, a passenger should be guaranteed at least 1 meal that was pre-ordered. I believe that I should be compensated with more than a $75 coupon to compensate me for my very long and unpleasant journey and to ensure my continued business.
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