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Thumbs down Stolen Items Due To Delays, Lies by KLM

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Stolen Items, completely destroyed suitcase. DELTA / KLM are a JOKE and flat out lie to their customers .

The suitcase was new, and locked. Inside the suitcase was a Pelican Case where the cameras were kept. The suit case zipper was torn and the Pelican Case was opened. The suitcase was cracked an one of the wheels was completely broken. Another part of the suit case was crushed. I know the items were stolen at the Iraq Airport because I have found out that the suitcase was there for at least 2 days before it was returned to me.

To make matters works about this whole thing, after being on 2 delayed flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Dubai, I was told by the agents in Amsterdam that I was not checked into the flight when I arrived at the gate to board the plane. Even though I checked in online and had a boarding pass and luggage tags and I had taken a KLM flight to get to Amsterdam. Once I was checked in I asked the agent at the KLM gate if my bags had made it. She flat out lied to me and said that they were on the plane. I also said that I DID NOT want my bags checked through to Baghdad and only wanted them to go to Dubai because the Iraq Airport is notorious for theft. Once I figured out they had not made it to Dubai I knew that she had lied to me and I would be having problems. Then come to find out that the suit case then traveled from Amsterdam to Istanbul to Baghdad and NEVER made it to Dubai is even more frustrating because Emirates has additional security and control in Baghdad. Iraqi Airlines does not and that is who the suit case was left with. KLM blames Delta and Emirates even though KLM is the company who lost the luggage in the firs place.

I have been flying on Delta for many years Internationally, I have never used KLM, this was my first experience with them and I will never fly with them again. I would rather pay more for the ticket and take Emirates. I have never had a problem with luggage from them. It was Delta/KLM and the Amsterdam Airport that lost my both of my suitcases and it is KLM who lied to my face and is refusing to take responsibility for the loss and it was KLM's lack of customer service that has giving me the complete runaround in resolving this problem.

Total in missing Items $1510.00

Compensation paid back due to their incompetence $225.00. Not even enough to replace 1 of the stolen cameras.

_________________________Delta Responses_________________________

Thank you for submitting your baggage inquiry. I am currently out of the office through June 6, 2017 and will respond to all my messages within 24 hours after my return.

I appreciate your patience and look forward to working with you.


Carla Johnson
Delta Air Lines
Consumer Affairs - Baggage
Claims Division
We are sorry to learn that you encountered a problem with your baggage while traveling with us recently.

Delta now handles correspondence addressed to KLM for those of its passengers who reside in the USA, on their behalf, apologizes for the difficulties you must have encountered when your luggage did not arrive with you and for the resulting inconvenience.

Every precaution is taken to have a passenger's luggage arrive on the same flight and in the same condition as when it was checked into our care. We normally succeed with few exceptions, and it is unfortunate that we were unable to meet your expectations on this occasion.

Accordingly, our check for $225.00 representing goodwill gesture will be
mailed under separate cover. You should receive it within the next 10
business days. However, in the event that you have receipts for the missing items exceeding the amount offered above, please send them for review.

We are doing everything we can to eliminate such incidents, and we want to apologize for this occurrence. Please give us an opportunity to do a better job the next time you have occasion to travel.


Carla S. Johnson
Claims Manager
Customer Care Baggage Claims
800 618 9615 Ext 5020012
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