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Default lost luggage

After a terrible flight from OAK to LAX, Southwest lost our luggage. The line to their office was so long it wrapped around the baggage area. We waited in line with everyone else for hours. Each flight that came in had lost luggage. What a surprise. They seem to just put luggage on any plane as it leaves OAK, no matter if you are on that particular plane or not. So, the luggage goes who knows where before if ever gets to its intended destination. What's wrong with this company? It should be so difficult. They lost our luggage, we waited in the hours-long line and filed out paperwork to find it. They we went back to the airport 5 hours later and found our bag against a wall with hundreds of other bags. We were lucky we found it and it wasn't stolen from the airport. Southwest sucks.
I tried to complain via the internet directly to Southwest, but they only allow phone calls - it seems.
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Default lost baggage

My name is Leisa Cavanaugh and unfortunately I had the esperience of almost losing my bag when I flew to BWI in Baltimore Maryland at the very
end of April of this year.

I arrived at the airport and met my aunt Nancy at the baggage claim and we were waiting for my bag to come and we were standing there waiting and waiting no bag so I had to use my cell phone to call my mother who was on a Southwest flight along with my dad and sister that was head for
Louisville Kentucky.

Fortunately that same flight was coming right back to BWI so somehow my luggage never made it off tha plane.

My aunt had to call Southwest to find what had happened and like I said it never got off the plane and they said they could deliver the bag to my
aunts house in Silver Spring MD but they said it would cast about $50.00
to deliver it there and on top of that they said that it would be anywhere
from 2hrs to as long as nine hours but she did not want to be up all night
waiting for it.

She drove all the way back to the airport to retrieve my bag .My aunt
should'nt have to do that because she had to make another whole trip out there which meant she had to waste almost an estra 90 min to drive there and back.

Southwest did give me a $50.00 travel voucher towards another flight on
Southwest and I did get my luggage back but still they could have looked
more carefully to make sure that it had gotten off the plane.

Hopefullt the next time they won't lose my luggage.

Leisa Cavanaugh Marlborough Massachusetts
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i have never had a delayed bag,knock on wood, but i know my time will come. Southwest should have delivered your bag at no cost. i know you said that your aunt didn't want to be up all night waiting for it, but they should have set up a time that worked for you and your aunt. it was nice that your aunt drove and picked up your bag and you even got $50 travel voucher, but they should have paid for delievery, it was their mistake. at least you got your bag.
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At least you said "hopefully the next time they won't lose my bag". it means you'll try em again. I've never flown SW, but I have had my bags delayed many times. In all cases i was able to get my bag back. The first time it happened, i freaked out. But since then, its always an inconvenience, but so long as I get the luggage delivered to me, I am content. I am surprised that SW didn't offer to deliver the bag back to you, with no charge. I also think they could have freed up a bit more on the travel voucher, but so long as u got the bag back that is the important thing.
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Exclamation Don't live more than 10 miles from the airport if you want your stuff anytime soon

In order to save money Southwest will not use the local delivery service to get your delayed luggage to you if FED EX is any cheaper. So lets say you fly in Friday afternoon and your luggage doesn't, it then arrives at 7pm after the FEDEX pick up. It will sit in their office until the Monday pick up, three days later, then if all goes well you will be home and get it Tuesday 4 days later! Now the local company would have had it to you in just a few hours of it arriving. I have seen them do this to save $4. They could care less about you. My advice is to be adamant that you need your stuff, you have medication, breathing machines house keys or whatever you can come up with to force them to deliver your bag as promptly as possible. After all that is what the lie on their web site says they will do. And if oh by the way you happen to be in Canada, you can probably enjoy another 2-3 day wait while it clears customs (or you have to drive to the cusotms office to actually claim your belongings) But thankfully you saved the baggage fee!

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