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Angry Two tickets w/ the same name

My first bad taste w/ spirit came when I booked two tickets and placed the same name on both tickets. He customer service representative stated there is nothing that can be done and would have to pay for the change. When I mentioned my disgust with the situation and would not ever fly Spirit again, she stated ..."everyone says that but we always see them again".

This Friday my Sson needed a very in expensive one way ticket and found it on Orbitz. As teenagers dom he missed his flight because of the long line. The representative mentioned that he really had a cheap ticket and he would have to pay a change of flight fee. It was actually a new ticket that cost me $125. This is from a $63 flight to $125. Then to add to my problems, he was charged $50 then $45 because the one piece of luggage he had was claimed to be overweight.

This has got to be wrong on so many levels!
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1, Why on earth would you put the same name on both tickets?
2. Son missed the flight because he wasn't at the airport two hours early.
3. Same day ticket purchase always costs more, all airlines. Supply & Demand.
4. Cheap tickets are non-refundable tickets. Same everywhere.

I don't care for Spirit Air, but I fail to see where anything you're complaining about is the fault of the airline.
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1. The tickets with the same name was an error, not intentional. When a call to customer service call was made aware of the error I was told that the ticket count representative would correct it.

2. My son was at the airport an hour and a half before his flight and you are correct with it may not have been enough time but was a brand new ticket justifiable?

Thank you for your feed back
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SoSad, I hate Spirit Airlines. My colleagues and family members forward me promotional emails as a joke because everyone in my life knows how much I hate them. But in this case, even I feel that they were not wrong.

Forgive me for being frank, as I’m willing to say this through the anonymity of the internet… Why isn’t your son writing this complaint? If I were you, I’d be annoyed too, but he really should be the one taking responsibility. You said that he missed his flight “as teenagers do”, but I strongly disagree with that statement. Many teenagers check-in early and do not miss their flights. If they do miss a flight, they’d have to buy their own replacement ticket. Further, in a situation like this—they’d be outraged with the poor customer service because they were the one calling Spirit’s call center in India.

Regardless, I am so sorry if you are the one ultimately burdened. You don’t deserve that frustration. Safe travels in the future.
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Just because they can, doesn't mean they should.

The teenager should have to pay - that is fair enough.

Making the OP pay to correct an data entry error is another matter. It is simple exploitation. Under what circumstances would it be beneficial to a customer to book two identical tickets in the same flight? It is obviously a mistake and corrrecting it is just decent and honourable. Not descriptions which match Spirit, but just because they legally can do something, doesn't make it right.
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All airline tickets are "non transferrable". The purpose is to prevent passengers from selling tickets to other passengers, possibly at an inflated price. However, there is no excuse for a) refusing or b) charging a hefty fee to change a name on a ticket when it's an obvious mistake.
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Thank you all for the feedback

I'm not sure who I hate more, Spirit or AT&T. lol

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