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Angry Delta Security Problems

Last Friday I stood in the Priority security line for 45 minutes at MSP airport before boarding Delta5792 from Minneapolis to Nashville. During this time about as many people entered the TSA Pre-Clearance line as the regular Priority line. About 1 in 4 or 5 of the people in the TSA pre-clearance line actually had such a clearance, the rest did not. Most of them did not enter the line by mistake, they were clearly aware that was a way to cut in ahead of all the rest of us who were patiently waiting. The TSA agent allowed those who had erroneously entered that line to cut into the Priority security clearance line ahead of the 60 people already waiting in line. When I asked the TSA agent why he was allowing these people to enter the head of the line instead of waiting like everyone else, he said he was following Delta’s instructions.
The net result was that the it took forty five minutes instead of 15-20 minutes to pass through security. There was also only one security line and gate open despite the fact there were about 60-70 people in line for nearly an hour. Friday morning is one of the busiest travel times of the week. Eventually a second line was opened just as I reached the end of the security check in line. I was told by the TSA agent, that Delta controls all of these matters not TSA. I have been told the same thing previously at several airports when there were insufficient TSA agents to clear passengers.

On my return flight from Nashville on Flight 5792 departing BNA at 1:22 on Sunday afternoon there were between 150-200 people waiting in two lines. There were only two TSA agents conducting check-ins in each line. Despite the fact that I had a First Class ticket and am a Silver Elite customer, there was NO Priority Security Line AT ALL, though Delta advertises that it provides such policies.

Delta policies and procedures created a lot of angry customers last Friday morning and Sunday afternoon, some likely former customers who by definition must be people who fly a lot on Delta. Please do not tell me this is due to TSA. I have been told repeatedly by TSA agents that Delta determines the number of agents at each airport at each time of day and whether there is or isn’t a Priority Line. Lying to cover up your stingy policies at customer’s expense won’t be accepted. As an aside I travel a good deal on Delta and have applied for TSA Pre-Clearance and have never been granted it. I am not a criminal, terrorist, have not been arrested, do not speak Arabic, and not from Iran, nor do I have business with people in the Middle East, so I don’t understand why I have never received TSA pre-clearance.

I realize Delta doesn’t care at all about its customers unless it costs them money somehow. Perhaps drawing this to broader attention may convince them something needs to be done about this.
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TSA lines and security lines at airports have NOTHING to do with an airline. you have a problem with security lines at airports, talk to the TSA. Delta doesnt determine how many agents should be available. believe me, i worked at an airport and not ONCE did we tell TSA how many agents to have available. the lines the agent fed you are BS. never recieved tsa pre clearance? talk to the TSA, this is beyonds delta's control.
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