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Thumbs down United delay doubled the cost of my trip

I have reported this to united complaints 3 days ago and never heard back. They gave me a 250.00 evoucher which is emailed to me but I had no choice. I did not want it cause it cost me in excess of 1400.00 to get home mom. They had no compassion. I am reposting my complaint to their online form.

I had the worst air travel experience I've ever had in the 30 plus years of flying and I'm out close to 1400.00 USD to correct my connecting flights. How is this possible, united made me late and it's my problem?

I am an American citizen and left the 21st of august from Auckland waking at 4 am. *I arrived 10 minutes early into Sydney and was aware of a layover till 245pm. *I exited the terminal and cleared customs opting to stay outside in the fresh air. I also smoke which is not allowed in the terminals in sydney.

Because of the customs que I reentered the airport and headed to the gate at roughly 1230am cause the display stated that the flight was at the gate (only). *There was a flight to LA and SFOat the same point in the terminal.

At around 2pm the staff announced there would be a 45 min delay as the aircraft had a mechanical problem and was being fixed in Melbourne.*

This flight was to leave at 245pm but did not leave til 9pm. Over 200 people listened to this for hours. It will be here in an hour. Finally after 4pm I called united airlines. The staff at the gate said the plane had left. The phone csr said it had not. This type of misinformation and customer respect normal?

So this type of misinformation continued to flow from your staff to customers. Me and three other passengers were getting update from the web and phone. At one point your staff was telling a group of customers that it "would be here in an hour" whereas I was on the phone with united, told her she was lying cause I was talking to Melbourne ground staff. She promptly told me " that if I came to the desk one more time I would not be boarding the flight". So not only are we not allowed the truth, but you will enforce you right to blow BS around and threaten those telling the truth?

So I wanted to leave the terminal. However security told me I would have to be escorted to the exit by gate staff. I'd like to have a cigarette walk around outside as at this point the airport was near empty. It's sunday. Your gate staff member told me it was in no way possible and they would not do it. If I left I would not be boarding the aircraft. So now you hold me against my will for another 4 hours. You threaten my travel? What kind of airline are you?

Finally around 730pm ground staff came out and said they would start to look at making other travel arrangements. The only flight out was to Honolulu *and I asked to be rebook on the next days flight as by this time I had been awake and in airplanes or airports for 18hours mostly not moving. Never was anyone told how to access these options. *I went to the gate as 1 person was trying to book something. I was 3rd in line. The first girl finished, the second guy(s) came to the line then your gate staff member started talking about her butt massager, nothing airline related. This went on for 15 minutes. Finally another girl waved us over. My concern was that *I've lost my USA connecting flights. She said they would all be rebooked. I asked how they knew which airline I was flying and they said "cause this is what these people do and they have 14 hours from the time we leave to fix your flight". So I did not call Airtran cause it was sorted by your staff and nobody could get on wifi cause the system was overloaded in sydney. Oh and Sydney airport closes at 1028pm. No one with united offered waiting passengers anything... All out of our own pockets for everything.

Once the craft was boarded we asked the attendant sitting across from us and the same statement was made, it will all be sorted when you land in *"this is what we do for a living......"

The flight was less than offered. Inflight entertainment? None. No power outlets so my iPad was dead when I landed in sfo. The floor was wet cause you obviously have a leak in your galley. That left me with wet socks throughout the flight, thanks agian. Short of food and drinks. *Thank god I had Valium to put me to sleep.

SO we finally landed in SFO and I have no idea the time cause my computer was dead, I don't wear a watch. I processed through customs went out the gate and was directed to the united counter nearest the exit. James(he's) an ******* and your sfo manager? He told me it was not their problem. I'm not using united so their was nothing they could do. I went to the united ticketing counter and asked to speak with a manager. O'morris helped me right away. He should be your boss as he has compassion. He tried to book me via united but nothing was available until the next day or either with long layovers. By this time I've been in airports or airplane for nearly 26hours. I told them I asked to be put in a hotel in Sydney and he said they should have given that to me, BUT THAT WAS NOT OFFERED EVEN WHEN ASKED in Sydney.
O'Morris gave me a staff member named Paul Owens (SFO). He too should be commended. Again james your head manger, *******.

Paul found a continental (which you own) flight that was leaving and getting me to my destination 1-2 hours later than original flights. That was ONLY going to cost me 968.00 usd. How can it cost me when it's your fault?

At the same time my best friend in memphis, a fedex pilot, told me through his system there was an American and delta flight leaving. Paul called American but all the seat were booked. At the same time I called delta. Delta offered me a first class ticket for 945 USD. At this point I've already lost my AirTran booking for 275.00 plus an additional 10 or so hours of my time. Trust me I took the first class flight and was home 2 hours later than I should have been. At least I was comforted by Delta.

So you guys are ok with Delta taking up where you cannot accommodate or are unwilling. Great corporate policy!

Paul gave me a 250.00 united voucher and 2 meal tickets. My bill out rate is 250.00 per hour so a huge loss. *Most important to me was my schedule and visiting my mother who I hadn't seen in 2 years. I don't really see that united took my plight seriously.

In hindsight, after boarding I was sitting next to a gentleman who was in melbourne when the flight was delayed. He said united disembarked all Los angles passengers which left a flight at my gate in sydney nearly empty. At no point was it offered to take this flight. Frankly that is ignorant.

So considering all this your truly asking for faith to fly united. I'm booked for the flight back with united and have a conference to attend the next day where i've paid over 4000 and have 2 staff members attending. Nearly a total cost of 10,000 AUD. are you going to make me miss this too, or will it cost me another 2000?

I' hope after I've spent another hour preparing this document that maybe you'd upgrade me or move me to delta who has a new 777 direct to sydney. Frankly using a 1973 model 747 to keep up to world standard? An you'd expect to keep making great margins at the cost of customer satisfaction? Sure your company will be overrun with this type of customer service and lack of compassion.

Murphy O'Neal wet floor seat 45a flight ua870 and that was an upgrade worth how much? 300.00 for both legs?

And I guess the 1400.00 EXTRA is just out of my pocket. So united nearly doubled the cost of my trip? How can you fix that?

I do feel this is a dead end email. I don't think you care but nevertheless I'm trying. The ball is in your court, just hopefully you give me a bit of ky jelly before you try to shove it where the sun don't shine.END

So it at the end of the day.. No call, no reply.... No concern for those that pay your wages and the corporate profit?

Frankly we were treated like livestock.... Oh and by the way united..... I videotaped it. My next post is YouTube and the DOT. I would not stand by and let a stranger on the street suffer the indignity your firm seems to be trained in as assumed by reading these posts. Your pretty much a horrible corporation.

How about returning any of my faith or lost funds? At some point people will revolt to this treatment as it is REVOLTING. New York cabs have more regulation and standard than your firm and staff! Pretty simple.
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I wouldn't respond to any email either if it included rude references to KY Jelly and it's uses.
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I guess dry is preferred? Frankly what is it with you people. Words are in dictionaries, and those might offend some. You seem apt enough to use the proper spelling including capitalization. It's sold in the grocery store..... Cucumber offensive too?
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Originally Posted by Murphy View Post
I guess dry is preferred? Frankly what is it with you people. Words are in dictionaries, and those might offend some. You seem apt enough to use the proper spelling including capitalization. It's sold in the grocery store..... Cucumber offensive too?

Really? What sort of response do you expect when you reference being sodomized by the airline?

Frozen corn can be purchased in the grocery store - is it relevant?
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Oh and you guys just pop out 1400.00 on demand. I guess you never see David letterman or ever watched Jerry springer either. So double standard. I also guess porn is not the most popular American websites..... Grow up.

Read other threads. Just typical treatment for the wheelchair bound, or families on vacation.

And I guess you'd never reference that to anyone ever in your life? So many saints.... So precious.

Sorry, here's some chocolate with your 1400 bill (loss)

And the guy that was flying in his negligee was carrying astroglide. It made it to intentional headlines.....

Guess being away from the USA for 10 years has hardened me, and so much softened the American public. You just need about 10,000 more of me to harden you the helll up! Wuss!
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Oh Nd by the way, cornholio. Anything can be pervered but do remember it was Americas number 1 show hipocrite
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So sorry. This is typical AU/NZ TV. Its broadcast on public TV. So it might be my perception but i think you guys are going backwards..... Funny, or offensive? I think funny, but I guess in your USA nobody is allowed to take the **** (make fun of your own circumstance)?
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Originally Posted by Murphy View Post
Guess being away from the USA for 10 years has hardened me, and so much softened the American public.
Here ya go Murphy - enjoy.

Section 349(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(5)) is the section of law that governs the ability of a United States citizen to renounce his or her U.S. citizenship. That section of law provides for the loss of nationality by voluntarily performing the following act with the intent to relinquish his or her U.S. nationality:
"(5) making a formal renunciation of nationality before a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States in a foreign state , in such form as may be prescribed by the Secretary of State" (emphasis added).
A person wishing to renounce his or her U.S. citizenship must voluntarily and with intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship:
  1. appear in person before a U.S. consular or diplomatic officer,
  2. in a foreign country (normally at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate); and
  3. sign an oath of renunciation
Renunciations that do not meet the conditions described above have no legal effect. Because of the provisions of section 349(a)(5), Americans cannot effectively renounce their citizenship by mail, through an agent, or while in the United States. In fact, U.S. courts have held certain attempts to renounce U.S. citizenship to be ineffective on a variety of grounds, as discussed below.
In the case of Colon v. U.S. Department of State , 2 F.Supp.2d 43 (1998), plaintiff was a United States citizen and resident of Puerto Rico, who executed an oath of renunciation before a consular officer at the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia rejected Colon’s petition for a writ of mandamus directing the Secretary of State to approve a Certificate of Loss of Nationality in the case because the plaintiff wanted to retain one of the primary benefits of U.S. citizenship while claiming he was not a U.S. citizen. The Court described the plaintiff as a person, "claiming to renounce all rights and privileges of United States citizenship, [while] Plaintiff wants to continue to exercise one of the fundamental rights of citizenship, namely to travel freely throughout the world and when he wants to, return and reside in the United States." See also Jose Fufi Santori v. United States of America , 1994 U.S. App. LEXIS 16299 (1994) for a similar case.
A person who wants to renounce U.S. citizenship cannot decide to retain some of the privileges of citizenship, as this would be logically inconsistent with the concept of renunciation. Thus, such a person can be said to lack a full understanding of renouncing citizenship and/or lack the necessary intent to renounce citizenship, and the Department of State will not approve a loss of citizenship in such instances.
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WTF. I just don't like your America. You know there are 235+million. Just yours! You can also try keeping your eyes and mouth shut while driving. I am fully aware of my rights.

I am glad the Internet allows you to expand your horizon and opress rights. Did you ever hear of the freedom of speech? Should take you a about 4 days for your to figure out everyone is equal. Keep searching.

Being foul with a reference to myself? Did I say I wasn't going to use ky ON YOU?

Now this is foul. Pull that horse ur riding out of your butt, walk along the hiway and clean up America with action. Talk talk talk.....

Yes another 3 weeks and I'm back to paradise...... Enjoy your declining economy and social moral. People like you pushing that agenda too? Sell more guns.... Natural selection is a MF.
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Wow - Murph....

What kind of local hooch are you drinking in paradise? BTDT all over the globe but always came home.

Enjoy the the "Ex-pat wanna hump-hump girls", your 330 exemption, and your happy-happy joy-joy feeling that your comments will bring you closure with the airline.

Good luck and safe travels.
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O'tay mr dazed and confused... Keep toking on your bong and the world around you will fix itself... Good luck yourself.
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Originally Posted by Murphy View Post
O'tay mr dazed and confused... Keep toking on your bong and the world around you will fix itself... Good luck yourself.

Murpf - I don't smoke. I attempt to help make things better and rely on no one.

But (in all honesty) I find your sarcasm and humor amusing.

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Default Doh !!!!!

Originally Posted by dfwgirl View Post
I wouldn't respond to any email either if it included rude references to KY Jelly and it's uses.
AA has to be the worst airline, sorry Murphy guy!!!!! Their corporate mandate of covering up rotted sewage is to sprinkle coffee grounds on the floor of the aircraft to cover up the smell!! I had a layover in Miami for 8 hours, boarded the same aircraft 2 times before an electrical problem canceled our flight...... Northwest was kind to give me a flight ..... but I did get a 20 dollar voucher for food...... that got me a coke and bag of chips if you consider the price of terminal food....... I prefer to travel by raft!!!!! Why should customers have to tolerate crap from disgruntled airline employees, if you can't handle people stock shelves at Walmart late at night!!!! Customer service is key ...... so you guys want to rip on Murphy because he lost money and got less than adequate help ......... GENIUS !!!!
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Tis always my intent however I did not post the chopper Reid vids about airport security due to "the fever" regarding what is and what isn't tsa approved. I do not think those would fit as tsa was nothing more than professional and human. I had a few laughs with them. United 0.00000000% humorus. I am taking the **** out of myself but I never back out of criticism. Love a good argument as long as there is a point.

As you can see I am full of it and can pour like a volcano. Honest tho, rough and tumble type.

I suggest anyone look those up on YouTube. Chopper Reid airport security.

You will then see the worldly manifest of what is acceptable humor. Australians do take the **** out of the American mentality and the USA is quickly becoming a world joke. Really guys my stocks are crap..... Who's driving this ship?

Spelling and punctuation.....thanks apple!
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Thumbs up

Willie, the smell came from the rooting given to united clients. Proper term, proctological exams! They just changed the stickers. Those coffee grounds were my dried tears.

How much a ticket on the raft? **** I'm there cuz! I bet free beer too.

Sorry America, I just used a medical term. Might need parental approval.
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I thank my lucky stars i no longer an in this line of service...airlines have thier problems no doubt , but the real *******s are the flying public.
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That right, the people that paid you! *******s we all are! Damn humans!
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Pattis, I went to chilli's today and was served by a teen something. He make what?? 3-4.00 per hour plus tips. Your telling me taking a ticket from a passenger was the problem? I think more the people you worked for might have been to the issue.

Obviously the teen gets paid on tips which is primarily a service related value. That store pumps through people. Sure you might have to deal with 1000 people during a shift, but could you remember what they had to drink or if they need a refill?

We are all glad your a quitter. Thank you.

The teen got a 10.00 tip.
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We are currently experiencing a high volume of emails, and I offer my
apology for the delay in response.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused you due to the mechanical
problems with UA870 on August 21st. We certainly don't question the
great inconvenience our flight irregularity had caused you and the
feelings of frustration as a result. From what you describe, we didn't
live up to your expectations and I'm truly sorry for all that occurred.

When a flight delay or cancellation disrupts your travel, our employees
should be attentive to your needs and make every attempt to minimize the
inconvenience to you. *Our staff certainly could have done more to
acknowledge the situation and to better assist you. Your comments have
been shared with our senior leadership who will focus on specific areas
to ensure our airport managers deliver the high level of service you

We recognize that our goodwill compensations will not always amount to
our customers incurred expenses and loss of time. We regret your
disappointment. *We hope that you will find your $250 electronic travel
certificate to be valuable for future travel with us and allow us the
opportunity to regain your confidence and support. Thank you for
choosing United.


Katherine Dawson
United Airlines Customer Care
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Thanks for the response. *This does nothing to rectify the fact your company dropped me in sanfran from an international flight delayed 10 hours, then left me sort my own problems like an orphan.

This being the case how could I ever allow my daughter or another family member to fly with united? Is it typical practice or corporate policy to have unsatisfied and or disgruntled customers?

What if I didn't have the spare 1000.00? *So the underprivileged or normal run of the mill person is left to rectify your mistake?

I have a return flight to auckland with united and you will not even upgrade my flight to rectify the indifference's caused?

Being that the flight service and handling was in Australia I do have local recourse to this effect. I will be filing on my return for a complete refund through the Australian courts. You did not provide the service promised at the times promised. Breach of contract, pretty simple.

I again leave this open for your group to send out an olive branch or I'll be forced to get my 10 hours back plus.

I find it preposterous You consider yourselves customer oriented. *As they say, show me the customer service. 250 does not even come close.

Waiting for something other than 250 in united fund I will not use cause I'm only I. The USA for a month..... 2 more weeks.
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Dear Mr. O'Neal:

I am sorry for your continued disappointment.

I have forwarded your email to our Refunds Department for their review
of your United ticket. Please allow 7-10 business days for their
response. Unfortunately, they are also experiencing high email volume.
If you wish to follow up with them directly after 2 weeks, you may email
them at [email protected]. Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience and
continued support. Thank you for choosing United.
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So you are canceling my ticket? I did not ask for that? I have booked my flights to SFO for my return flight to NZ. So your going to cost me 4000 now? Oh I guess I should ask what are my options cause the ones you give me are dead ends like this email and the idea of support.

My phone number is 901 848 xxxx. Maybe you ought to try and comfort my idea that I am again being screwed on only my second flight with united in 15 years. So SFO is the Bremuda triangle for me and an apex of united service towards me? Yes i do take it personal when people I've paid make me promises and break them. Real serious. Do you pay your electric bill for no electricity?

Frankly my USA flights are with united and I could not use your coupon. *So your offer would not even pay to upgrade my seats? *What kind of coupon is that?

So overall your a no frills airline that runs a lottery of who will and will not fly? *What is up with that?

Sent from my iPad

Last edited by Murphy; Sep 12, 2011 at 2:39 PM. Reason: Phone number
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Default Worst Airline Experience Ever with United

I had my worst airline experience ever on United on September 13. I am a Premier Executive card holder with about 280,000 lifetime miles. On September 13, I was booked to fly from Washington Dulles to Madrid, Spain on UA 7663 operated by Aer Lingus. The flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons. We remained on the plane for 3 hours while they looked at the mechanical problem. Meanwhile, the flights of other airlines were departing for Europe and we could have been put on those flights instead of being required to remain on the plane. Remarkably, as we were getting off the plane and listening to the mechanics operating loud power tools in the belly of the aircraft, the pilot came on and apologized, saying that his earlier announcement that the flight had been cancelled had somehow not been heard over the public announcement system.

We then were directed to the Red Carpet Club for flight rebooking. This took two hours as the insufficient, but very helpful United staff tried to get passengers on other flights. My flight was rebooked on wait list status for the same flight on September 14. When I then asked for a voucher for a free hotel room for the night, the poor staff said that they had been told to tell the passengers that no free rooms were available and that the passengers would have to pay the cost themselves and send an email claiming compensation later. This was outrageous and demonstrates a total lack of concern by United for its customers, some of whom were foreigners who were left late at night at an airport with no assistance to find a room for the night. United's actions in this regard were an embarassment to America and what I would expect from a 3rd World airline.

As a result of the flight cancellation, I incurred about $1050 in expenses for rebooking of a connection flight from Madrid to Barcelona, the cost of a 1 night hotel stay in Washington, the cost of a 1 night cancellation at a Barcelona hotel, and the cost of taxis to and from Dulles after the flight cancellation.

I demanded compensation for these expenses in cash, not flight credits. The reason for this is that last year, one of my suitcases while in United's custody at Los Angeles Airport was looted by United employees. United subsequently gave me $500 in flight credits, but this turned out to be almost unuseable. The credit could not be used on international flights, nor multi-destination flights, and there were also blackout flights. As a result, I only was able to use about one-half of the credit.

Remarkably, there was a repeat performance by United and Aer Lingus the following day, September 14. The flight was again delayed and then cancelled after a 2-3 hour wait and there was again a long line of customers trying to get rebooked with a completely inadequate number of United service agents available to help them. Obviously no preparatory work had been done by United beforehand to deal with this eventuality, though it was obviously a possibility given what had happened the day before. Fortunately, United had rebooked me on one of its later departing flights that evening, though this flight got me into Madrid about 1 and 1/2 day after my original scheduled arrival time and ruined the first couple days of a long-awaited vacation.
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You may be entitled to more than you think. This is slightly complicated by the fact that you clearly booked the flight through United. However, as the flight was operated by Aer Lingus, which is an EU carrier, you may be entitled to €600 compensation for each cancelled flight, under regulation 261/2004. This applies to flights which originate in Europe or are operated by a EU carrier. The fact that the delay was caused by weather, mechanical problems or volcano's is irrelevant. Write to United and assert your rights under this regulation, stating specifically that the regulation applies becuase the flight was operated by Aer Lingus and this is an EU based carrier. You are entitled to this compensation as cash and you do not have to accept vouchers. If you have problems, you can link to the IAA website which regulates Aer Lingus.

For details of regulation 261/2004 and how it is implemented in Ireland, which is the regulating authority for Aer Lingus follow this link


If United reject your claim, you can file a complaint online with the Aviation Regulator in Ireland, which is the compentant authority for the enforcement of 261/2004 regulations. This can be found at


They will make a ruling in your favour. You can then enforce this through Small Claims Court. You can also file this online, at the following address:


To summarize take the following steps:

1. Write to United and assert your claim under EU Reg 261/2004. State specifically that you believe this regulation applies because the flight was operated by Aer Lingus and you will pursue your remedy with the regulatory authorities and/or small claims if they do not pay your compensation as provided under this regulation.

2. Wait until United reject your claim, then file with the Aviation Regulator at the above address, enclosing all correspondence and details. if the regulator finds in your favour, send their finding to United and demand immediate payment.

3. If payment is not forthcoming, file an electronic claim in the Small Claims Court in Ireland at the above link. Typically, the airline will back down and pay. If they don't you will have a default judgement against them and you can take pleasure in arranging for bailiffs to seize a jet at Dublin Airport until the bill and your costs are satisfied. Let me know if that happens, and I will fly there myself and video it.
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Default Thanks

Dear Jim,

Thanks greatly for the information you provided. Sorry that it took a couple days to respond. I'm traveling and no time to answer sooner. I will take the steps you listed through to the end. I only wish I had a list of all the passengers booked on those two flights so we could send the information to them as well.

More options...
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