COMPLAINT: Qatar Airways, QR702,QR1348,QR701

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Old Mar 11, 2014, 3:04 PM
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It was my first flight on Qatar Airways, and definitely MY LAST ever!
Flight from JFK to Doha (QR702) 2 hours after take off, the meal was served, and within 20 minutes of eating I got so sick and started vomiting. Buzzing the flight attendant, was of no use, till after many trials. I filled almost 8 bags and the hostess was absolutely horrible, no assistance, no caring, no picking up of the bags. She kept saying I had motion sickness which is something I never have ever had and I do travel a lot.
I was in bad shape the whole flight and could not eat anything except for drinking Ginger Ale for 2 days. Of course the l7+ layover in Doha for catching a flight to Tanzania made it worse.

The trip back however was the trip from hell. Arriving into Doha from Tanzania, was like walking into a mob scene. Total dis-organization! Almost 4 hrs in the transit terminal being directed up and down to be sent to a hotel, but getting exhausted after shoving and pushing for 4 hrs, to make the hotel saty not worth it, especially when being told that I had to get back in like 2 hrs to the terminal to catch my flight to JFK! I opted not to do that and went to the VIP lounge, which I have membership for, and should have just done that from the start!
Flight QR701 left Doha an hour late, making it most likely that connecting flight at JFK will be missed.
On arriving to JFK and hour late, the airline opened the wrong gate, letting all the passengers to Ground Transportation and Baggage Pickup, instead of to "Customs and Immigration"!! so 320 passengers ended up at Baggage pickup, and the authorities were furious and stated that QA will be penalized big time for that.
Having to be processed at Immigration after that mess, took an hour and 25 of us thus missed our connecting flights. My baggage was checked from Kilimanjaro airport directly to Burlington Vermont, which was my final destination.
The lady at the Qatar Desk in Baggage -Pick-up/Customs, refused to try and book me on another airline, and booked on the one and only next flight on Jet Blue to Burlington VT, departing at 10:30 pm, arriving into Burlington at midnight. My original arrival in Burlington was supposed to be at 5:30 p.m.
Then the QA agent refused to do the luggage drop-off, and informed me that I had to take my luggage ( 2 extra large suitcase, and a carry-on) on a shuttle bus to the JetBlue Terminal. It was to no avail trying to have her check my luggage, especially that the Air Train was out of order, which meant walking out in the slush and freezing snowy day, with no gloves and no warm clothing, having been in East Africa for 2 months!
The attempt to get on a shuttle was hell, getting on 4 shuttle buses after lugging the bags on, to only be told by the driver that he is not stopping at the terminals (even though each bus had the sign "All Terminals"!

After a 3+ hours of time wasted, I made it to the JetBlue Terminal, only to find out that the flight kept being delayed, while I am dozing after almost 55 hrs of no sleep and exhaustion. We finally boarded the flight to Burlington, VT, arriving at 2:15 a.m. (9 hours after the original scheduled arrival time). Took a taxi costing me $40.00, vs. having a friend picking me up at the original scheduled arrival time! It was the TRIP from HELL!

I went ahead and called Qatar Airways to complain, told too email the complaint. Wasted time to email a 3-page letter documenting everything, only to be sent a form to fill over the "Suspected Food Poisoning" It was not even a fillable form!
I did waste my time to fill, and pointed out that the complaint was not just about the food poisoning. After about 3+ weeks, I was sent an email, denying that it was Food Poisoning, and ignoring all the other issues, and offering me 5000 points on QA.
I sent a complaint, asking if there was a higher up to seek, only to be told that the person I was dealing with was that Higher UP in Customer Service!!!

I really have never seen such terrible customer service. I am a senior citizen who has travelled a lot. It was my first time on Qatar Airways and surely my LAST! For a 5-Star airline, they surely STINK!

It was a terrible experience. Beware!
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Old Sep 4, 2014, 5:56 AM
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I feel you totally. I travelled with Qatar Airways and they have the rudest customer service staff I have ever encountered. My flight was delayed in Doha after I had waited for 9 hrs for the connecting flight. The staff were rude, could not care less and all they did was whip out meal tickets. After waiting 9 hrs in an airport, a meal ticket is the last thing on my mind. I felt devalued as a customer. An apology and maybe explanation for the delay would have been okay but when I stated my problem, the first thing the customer care staff did was to whip out meal tickets. Pretty annoying. I dont think I will be using Qatar airways again.
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