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Qatar Airways Complaints>24 hr delay without any compensation!
mgentle 4:34 PM Feb 10, 2017
Three months before my departure date Qatar Airways rescheduled the flight so that it left 4 hours later - but didn't inform me! So I only learned about it the day before, and consequently had to rebook my connecting flights at my destination with a penalty of 150!

Then the flight left almost 2 hours late and I missed my connecting flight in Doha, and had to wait 18 hours for the next flight! I arrived at my final destination 24 HOURS LATER!

I contacted the customer service and explained my case, but they not want to reimburse my 150 rebooking fee. Worse, they also refused to comply with the EU compensation rules for delays of more than 3 hours at final destination (600), saying that contractually they are covered.

Besides the arrogance of the customer service department, I'm just surprised that Qatar Airways can call itself a 5-star airline. It's a joke.
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