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Default Misbehaving Staff @ Airport Check-in Counter | Horrible in Flight Experience - HoneyM


Dear Team

I am Dhaval Sarvaiya passenger of flight No SG 160 boarded from Mumbai to Delhi flight on 10th March,2016.

We had checked in spicejet flight No SG 160 at Mumbai Domestic Terminal 1B by 5:25 AM and the boarding was to begin by 05:35 AM for the flight to depart at 6:05 AM.
We are well in time and things would have worked well had the Spice Jet Staff Ms.Apinder at the Check-In Counter not messed up.
When we reached there she initiated the conversation with a Rude COUNTER CLOSED Comment.
We (Me& my wife) pleased her | requested her that we are already in time , please let us check-in and board , she replied rudely and then agreed for Baggage Check-In where again our Baggage turned out to be excess by around 5-6 Kgs she is like either pay Rs.7000 or empty the baggage.
My wife ran to her Mom who was standing Outside and emptied the Bag and came back. Meanwhile at the Counter I pleaded and requsted Ms.Apinder to kindly let us checkin and find a solution to the matter rather she again started with her Counter Closed Story.
I kept my calm until my wife returned and the Baggage were again weighed.
Now she claimed Rs.3000 and she threatened Counter closed either pay Rs.3000 or CANCEL YOUR TICKET FLY FROM ANOTHER FLIGHT AND PAY THE DIFFERENTIAL.
How can your staff use such a language be permitted at the Check-in counter, whilst I am deciding what to She suddenly starts Sir Counter Closed. Surprising I was wondering whether she was there to guide and cater us or to threaten and remove Money from us.
This hampered my temper and I had to raise my voice which led in introduction of one of her Senior Ms.Asmat or Ms. Kashir who profusely requested us to make payment and we did agree to make the payment.
And again , Ms.Apinder had her dialogue , even after Check-In and payment WE DO NOT GUARANTEE WHETHER THE BAGS SHALL REACH SRI NAGAR | DELHI
This was the most disgusting statement one can ever hear, It was only my helplessness that I wanted to Board the flight there and then and all was in her hand else I would have registered a Complaint there and then against her this language and would have seen to it that she is dismissed. She took an advantage of my helplessness.
Next moment after payment Ms.Asmat is like we have not paid , however they allowed us to board the plane.
All in the rush and Bush and Security Check-In I forgot my Laptop at the Security Tray as the Spice Jet Person standing at the Security was announcing my wife’s name as if waiting alone for me. ( Though the Bus to the plane consisted almost half a dozen people)
At the plane we had a Max Seat and Complimentary Meal – but when we called for Jain Meal – they din have and they offered us some cashewnuts and real | Tropicana Mixed Fruit Juice which on the first Sip me and my wife saw each Other’s Face- it tasted disaster - We both saw the Manufacturing date which showed 13-09-2015 and six months to expiry which means the Product was to EXPIRE IN 3 DAYS WHAT IS THE ON-BOARD CREW DOING??

The Boarding female Ms.Sana | Ms.Monica just announced our name , when we approached them they are like we have not paid Rs.3000 at the Mumbai Baggage Check-In and to move further to Sri-Nagar We shall have to pay an Extra Rs.3000 to move our Baggage’s and reach them safely at Sri-Nagar.
They said CCTV shows we have not made payment whereas we called Ms.Asmat (9619188072) she agreed taking the money but she was like she again handed over to my wife and that is clearly seen in CCTV, we called for the CCTV footage which was refused by the Delhi Team as well as Mumbai Team. They just wanted to THREATEN US AND REMOVE MONEY FROM US.
Again Ms.Monica, like Ms.Apinder used the same Language Luggage will not board until you make payment. This was horrible.
We requested and pleaded for the CCTV Footage but how will they show when they did not have one. IT was only FAKE to draw more money from me.
I was allowed to Board only after made payment again to Ms. Sana | Mr.Ankur and they wrote on the Back of the Slip about payment at Delhi.
Enough of Explanation, now I wish following action: -
1. Show Cause Notice to Ms.Apinder | Ms.Monica as to how they could say things like you Miss your flight | Board another flight | Luggage will not board | No Guarantee that Luggage will reach Sri Nagar. -
2. Compensation for the physical Hardship and trouble and Loss of Laptop which contained personalized |Confidential data. Rs.15000/-
3. Compensation for Non-Compliance for a Jain Meal On-Board wherein I am eligible for ONE Rs.1000/-
4. Compensation for providing Expired Products on Board which Could have resulted Health Hazards for me and My wife. Rs.1000/-
5. Refund of the Excess Rs.3000 given at the Delhi Airport.
I claim a total of Rs.20000/- from SpiceJet for all the Mishap that it caused on 10th March 2016 or else I file a suit in the Court of Law for all the Damages to me and my wife

Please issue a cheque favouring Dhaval Sarvaiya and let us end it all.

PS : I am a Chartered Accountant by profession , I neither have time neither Money nor Interest in fighting a legal case.
I am a Gujrati Banya and I wish to live calm and peacefully.
The amount above is not a Monitory Compensation for all what we experienced and suffered that day , its just an indication to SpiceJet to improve the Staff Behavior and the hazards. Once you pay for it and realise the pinch of what and how your staff behaves and next time onwards all will be Good.

Attached : Boarding Passes & Receipts of Payment.
Trailing E-mail :Proof of Laptop Loss.
excess baggage, food expired, food poisoning, misbehaving staff, spicejet

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