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Default Swiss Air - Exorbitant excess baggage fees.

While flying on Swiss Air recently, I was charged an excess baggage fee of $300. I have no problem paying excess baggage fees in general, and am used to paying between 50-75$, which I find reasonable.

$300, however, I find exploitative. When I mentioned that it seemed really high compared to other airlines, the counter agent helpfully suggested, "Well you can take stuff out." Okay. And put it where?!?

The fact that their fees are so far and above the industry norms just made me feel like they were exploiting the situation.

This was my fist (and needles to say, last) experience with them. The checkin process was absurdly disorganized. I had to change terminals twice because it wasn't clear from which terminal the flight was leaving, and the service was incredibly unfriendly.
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Default PS: Response to complaint

I forgot to add that when I wrote an email to their customer service, it took them a month to respond. Their response was that the agent had actually done me a favor by not charging me the full amount and that the fees are posted on the website. Fair enough, but they didn't address the basic complaint that their fees are so much higher than anything else I've encountered and take advantage of the fact that once the customer is checking in, their options are limited.
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is that 300 dollars for one BAG that's overweight? or is this a combination of overweight and extra bags? Because if we're talking one bag, then that's crazy! I went to the website but they don't show prices, but they seem pretty strict when it comes to checking bags.
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The Swiss Air excess baggage information can be found here: http://www.swiss.com/web/EN/services...s_baggage.aspx

They charged me for being over the total weight limit of 20kg. Some of their flights are 'by piece' and others 'by weight'. European flights are by weight. So I was over 20kg, and was charged per kg according to the rates that are posted on their site.

So, they are straight forward about the fees, but I think the fees are, as you said, crazy.
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Please note that alot of the International Carriers are charging an excess bag fee from 100-150 per piece.
In addition if your bag is overweight there's and additional fee from 150-300 per piece.
Since Fuel is generally higher in the International stations, the airlines are raising the baggage fee and sticking to them to off-set the cost.
So you may want to check with the next Carrier you book with as well.
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Default swissair comlaint

Zurich-Athens (September 5th 2008): delay of 45 minutes
Dealy of the delivey of the suitcase: 24 hours
Blond steward very rude
Not even an apology
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I just got a real shocker about Swiss Airlines outrageous fees. My family is taking a cruise out of Barcelona next week but have to fly into Geneva because United does not service Barcelona. As a result, we have to travel swiss airlines between Geneva and Barcelona. Because this is a 12 night cruise we certainly have more baggage. By our estimates (with each person having 2 bags) we will have a fee of about $1,920 just to get our extra 4 bags 350 miles. This is totally ridiculas and a major ripp-off.

You have to be kidding me 24.00 per 2.2 pounds! I will NEVER fly Swiss airlines again and would have never booked them (a year ago) had I known there was this policy!

Traveler beware!!
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By our estimates (with each person having 2 bags) we will have a fee of about $1,920 just to get our extra 4 bags 350 miles.
Maybe I'm just not reading between the lines, but where are the extra bags coming from? You are each allowed 2 bags right? Which is what you said you have. Have you looked into sending them FedEx, UPS, or DHL? I would be willing to bet it'd be a lot cheaper than $2k!
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I think what has happened here is that the booking for Swiss is separate from the transatlantic booking on United. As a result, the 2 piece allowance from United, per person, is not transferred to Swiss, who for intra-European flights have a one piece allowance, with strict weight limits. Swiss are inflexible about this, which may be short-sighted, as some of their network depends on the "transfer" traffic... but until people start avoiding them, things won't change.

With the move towards ever more complicated allowances and "extras", it is very important not to go with the first "headline" price you see... the cheapest quoted price is often not the cheapest overall price.

It is a 7 hour drive from Geneva to Barcelona. For that money you could do a one way car rental and drive! (The route is pretty scenic).
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Thumbs down r

[Before you complain so much, why dont you check your allowance before you travel. If you have never travelled before then one can excuse your ignorance but 20kgs is the common baggage allowance and if you dont follow these rules you have to pay for the extra baggage. You have bought a seat not the whole airline...!!!

Be fair and reasonable...!! Stick to your allowance and you should be fine...ignorance is not the airlines fault...!!
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Too bad you had to pay so much money but the rules for excess baggage are almost the same on all carriers...

And you seem a fair person admitting that you are ready to pay for extra baggage, so why the anger..!! It is your baggage after all, and the airline tells you the weight or piece limitation....you have bought a seat, not the airline, as you need to understand that the rules are not only applicable to others but to you as well...!!

So take it like a sport and stop making a fuss...or take the baggage allowance you are told to and you will not have to complain about the airline...!!! get used to toe ing the line...sorry
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let the CEO know how you feel [email protected]

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