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I am disgusted in the way BA staff at Port Elizabeth (south africa) deal with customers and their isssues. My luggage was smashed to pieces and they said oh welll they don't cover luggage. But my bag was so bad I could not leave with it as they had said I should. So they opened an office which was full of damaged luggage and they gave me another broken bag tto loan. I got an email yesterday stating I should collect my bag at the office no address and no contact person and no number. I replied saying what's going on where are u and who are u and who am I as they did not even address me by my name they just said sir in the email. I fly out back home tomorrow after my holiday and have no bag to use. They now said I have to collect the bag from the airport in person they will not deliver it to me but they do delievr if luggage is lost or delayed. I am on holiday and have no transport and to catch a cab would co st me hundreds and I don't have that. They aalso said they will not cover the costs. They accept responsibility for the damage they caused but now they acting like they did me afvour. The lady by the name of NOX who is the most unhelpful and most arrogant person I have ever had to deal with said I should come withe their broken bag packed to the airport and then I should unpack it and they will give me the replacement. When they broke my luggage I had to unpack all my belongings in the middle of the airport whoile passengers walked past staring and they must have thought I was caught for some illegal substance or prohibited items in my bag. I was very embarrassed now they want me to do it again. I said to NOX over the phone pls she needs to sort this out as I can't walk there and I have no ways of getting it. I asked pls forward this to ur superior and ask for assistance. I got a very short and unapologetic email saying as per what was said earlier by NOX there is nothing thgey can do to help me. This was now from the manager (what a laugh)
and no care attitude, damaged luggage, no customer service

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