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American Airlines Complaints>British Airways rip off
ketteringuk711 9:03 PM Aug 5, 2017
British Airways booked a flight for Myself,my daughter and 83 year old mother. One direction was AA the return BA. American Airlines were great. British Airways a nightmare. My mother's last name got changed by mistake to my last name online. They would not change it. Made me cancel ticket and reserved seats and repay with no refund. The economy seat cost me $2533.00.
$728 pluse two seats outgoing and incoming $75 &66 plus new ticket $1533 and a further $66 and $75 for the seats again. I was offered a $462 voucher that expires before I can take a vacation again. I was also told my mother cost them money not requesting a wheel chair in advance and could she manage the stairs.
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