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Default Drug users hired as flight attendants

My complaint is about Spirit Airlines hiring drug users and putting passenger safety in their hands. I thought airlines had higher standards for their flight attendents. But Spirit has a FA based in Las Vegas named (name redacted). I believe she said she's been with Spirit since about March 2012.

Well, I have watched this girl smoke marijuana and take ectasy a number of times recently while out partying in Las Vegas. All while laughing about how they can (her and her friend who is also a FA) because Spirit nor the FAA ever drug test. And if they do, it's a urine test which they can easily get around with fake urine...which is actually how they passed their initial drug test to get hired.

Oh, and she also mentioned that one time a drunk passenger asked her for cocaine and she told him she would get some for him later that day. But he never called her for it. Unbelievable!

Is it really the practice of Spirit to hire and allow such druggies to work for them? To put customer's safety in the hands of people like this? Are the safety regulations such as drug testing really THAT easy to get around? I am DISGUSTED and I will NEVER fly that airline again and I will be sure friends of mine that fly Spirit also know this. I believe this is something the FAA should look into and drug test these girls with something more efficient than a urine test if you want to keep our skies safe. We have enought problems with airline saftey, we do not need drug users making more problems.

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i dont fully buy this story. the FAA requires a certain amount of flight attendants are drug and alcohol tested each year. our company (not spirit) does a percentage per month. if they were on a layover and had a day off...whatever, there isn't a whole lot spirit or the faa can do since they wont be called in for a test. if this story is true, they aren't the smartest cookies in the bunch. If we see beahavior like this at our company, we are required to call the company asap, next thing you know, they are tested and out the door. 0 tolerance. these girls obviously dont know that the faa and all airlines frequently drug test. just hope eventually they get caught.
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Oh, I can assure you this story is true. Watched them with my own two eyes take ectasy then later on smoke marijuana to enhance the effect. She also suggested to other people the brand of fake urine she uses to pass urine tests which is how she got hired to begin with. It comes with a warming patch and everything to keep it body temp.

I just don't trust people that like to get all drugged up like that. Especially when it comes to something like air travel. But yes, I'm sure they will get theirs. I have already notified the airline, faa and a couple other agencies. We owe it to each other to be sure those in charge of our safety are reliable and responsible people.
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hopefully the airline or faa will catch them off guard at some point as they walk off the plane and say "suprise!! its your lucky day!!"
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people of all professions and all companies smoke and get high, and 2 of the big surprises to many are doctors (even surgeons) and lawyers

how are companies going to be able to watch over their employees when they are not on the job or on site? and companies want their employees to trust them and have the same feeling back so they expect that your being truthful and not tainting the tests, privacy is a big issue and people dont want to be watched when they are peeing in a cup, its uncomfortable, so the company hopes your being truthful and dont lie

they have to go by what the test says, and you can guarantee every airline has flight attendants that do stuff on the side that they shouldnt

the majority dont, but there will always be that small group, and especially when you go to areas like las vegas
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