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Turkish Airlines Complaints>bad service: Turkish Airlines
vos 12:48 PM Oct 6, 2010
In february 2010 my luggage - a Samsonite trolly - got completely damaged during a Turkish Airlines flight from Brussels tot Cape Town. I filled in an official document, and after 2 weeks TA in Cape Town offered me a cheap trolly of a minor brand which I refused. No problem, the TA servant in Cape Town told me, and she contacted a colleague in Brussels. Back in Brussels I contacted TA -- after many mails and telephones, it was a Turkish person working for Airstop who advised me to contact his friend at the TA desk in Brussels personally, and I got an answer: plz come to our office. There they proposed me to replace my Samsonite trolly by a huge, ugly suitcase of a cheap Turkish brand. I told her I didn't want a huge ugly suitcase and for sure not of this cheap brand. She told me to fill in a new document, she would send it to the TA headquarters. Every now and then I sent an email to ask if they were dealing my claim; but I never got a proper answer. To make a very long story short: untill now, this problem wasn't solved. This is of course, after almost 9 months, a real shame for this company Turkish Airlines who doesn't really respect its clients.
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