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Default Spirit Airlines should not exist

I had never heard of Spirit Airlines until this past week when booking a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, on the way their we had a minor delay for about 45 minutes to an hour waiting for a technician to fix a SEAT POCKET! he had a roll of green duck tape to do the trick but he still managed to spend an hour on the job. The pilot said after the paper work is complete we can fly; I wonder what the paper work said... "Fixed seat 23B with duck tape should last for a couple months."

Anyways we got to Las Vegas and had a good time, when we returned to the airport it fly Spirit airlines home we were told the plane was delayed, it was delayed for 5 hours, we didn't receive any notice before hand so we were stuck at the airport. The flight came and people were hysterical as they got off the plane, people yelling, "That was the longest flight of my life!" "I will never fly this airline again!"

As we got on board the plane was trashed the flight attendants didn't even make an effort to pick up from the flight before!! The airline is just 100% B-S
and should not exist. Their CEO must think it is funny to here all these complaints. He is a greedy P-O-S and has no thought for running a good business. DONT FLY SPIRIT EVER
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spirit airlines isnt the best out there...no argument there with you on that. but what were you expecting? the tickets are dirt cheap and you make up for it by paying for everything else. Yes there is paperwork that has to be done after a mechanic fixes something...even a seatback pocket...its one of those that the flying public doesnt see. they write it up and will fix it when the plane gets back to its main base. as a flight attendant (at least at my airline) we walk up and down the aisle every 20 minutes to pick up trash...yet by the end of the flight it still looks like pre-schoolers were in there...some people for whatever reason wont throw away their garbage, but would rather put it in the seat back pocket. spirit flight attendants are not required/nor is it their job to clean the plane...they have seperate people for that, at least in chicago
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That is so ridicules, their are many airlines who offer tickets the same price as Spirit Airlines, which is certainly not dirt cheap. They have pride in themselves to want to give the best experiences to customers by not charging for bags even carry ons, the service is a rip of, doesn't offer drinks or food until the plane is stuck on the ground waiting for a terminal to open up. The airline is so cheap all around and is a disgrace to all airlines around the world. I know it's not the employees fault, but it is your companies fault and thats why you all have to hear our complaints, and I bet you ultimately know I'm right because I'm guessing you have experienced a lot of complaints over the time you have been working with Spirit Airlines.

I have heard so many horrible stories with Spirit Airlines, it seems it is only a matter or time before they slip up big time.
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my companies fault?? ok number 1 i dont work for spirit. I wouldnt want to considering i would probably be out of a job within the next few years. i have flown spirit...they nickle and dime you for everything...checked bags, carry on bags (the ones that wont fit in the overhead bins) and when they do a beverage service..they charge you for that too, maybe they didnt do a service on your flight due to the fact it was a short flight. their tickets are cheap...i just found $240 roundtrip from ord-fll in october and $284 on AA from ORD-FLL...but you bet i will book with AA before spirti. Just dont fly them again. and yes you are 100% right...they are a rip-off company. that i will agree with

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