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Default Why can't I sit with my 4 children when I book 6 tickets

Below is my ramble to Air Canada. I realize I can reserve seats when I buy tickets, but the reality is, how many families of 6 does Air Canada entertain (all with kids under 10). I sentin a complaint long before the light, andi thought it coincidental that when they sent me an email to book my boarding passes, the service was unavailable on both outgoing and incoming flights. Surely not, you say.

On the day before our departure, an Air Canada agent confirmed our seating onthe phone. When we arrived at the Airport, our seats were somehow changed to 4 different areas of the plane.

On our return I called AC Customer Service to explain my predicament. The agent told me I'd have to buy seats, and that she was not authorized to assist me. I called back about n hour later and the agent didn't think twice about helping me out. Each time I explained that the online boarding pass service was not working.

Anyway, the point is, who really wants to sit next to my 3 year old son and listen to him complaining for 2 hours or more. Turns out we re-arranged seats on our flights, an he ended up barfing all over my wife. Does AIr Canada's policy really want to target families or thos singles and couples that will fork out $40 to holod hands on the plane. Come on Air Canada. Get real on policies for minor's travelling with parent. Don't try and shaft people who buy 6 tickets. Here's ny letter an response from Air Canada in reverse order - I am afraid.



How many families of six (with children all under 10) do you actually take in the run of a year? What do your records indicate for that? I am guessing very few. My 3 year old just so happened to throw up on the flight out, so who the hell would you expect to take care of him if not his parents.

If I buy a ticket on a bus, train, or boat, I get to sit next to my family without having to pay a premium for the convenience of your other passengers. Your policy and response are both a load of rubbish.

I take my family of 6 on two trips a year, and my wife and I do several more. I will always consider my options before choosing your airline again, unless this pathetic policy changes.

Thanks for nothing in your response.

Tony Mxxxxxx

-----Original Message-----
From: AC Support
Sent: August-21-12 2:29 PM
To: anthony.mXXXXXXX
Subject: Issue#:ABDA-I2O8YV:07/28/2012 06:50:41:Booking Seats

================================================== =============
Please do not change the Subject Line - Veuillez ne pas modifier le Sujet de ce courriel ================================================== =============

Dear Mr. Mxxxxx,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us and are pleased to address your concerns in both this file and the other file submitted " I7IH70 ".

Kindly accept our apologies for the inconvenience you experienced when contacting the Air Canada Call Center. We realize your time is important.

Air Canada is working hard to implement solutions to decrease the caller wait time. To demonstrate our commitment, we have undertaken initiatives to deliver the service levels our most valued customers have every right to expect. On the customer service side, we have already allocated additional Call Center Customer Sales & Service Agents. Capitalizing on technology, we have started to introduce a new product called Virtual Hold to handle our call volumes more efficiently. These are just a few examples of the steps taken to improve service. Please rest assured we are constantly reviewing our procedures to provide better customer service.

We are sorry to learn that you were unable to obtain the seating you desired on your flights. Seat selection is a challenging service to provide in a way that satisfies all parties. Seat selection is done on a first come, first serve, basis, with a small percentage of seats set aside for Preferred seats and for our airport agents to assign at the gate.

In the case of your flight, it appears that the only seats remaining were the ones you were allocated. For convenience, passengers can check in on WEBSITE 24 hours prior to the flight departure and select seats if they have not already done so. It will also depend on what other passengers have taken from inventory and what is remaining.

A review of our records indicate that your booking was made on-line at WEBSITE March 8, 2012. You could have added seating at that time for an additional fee per person. Air Canada offers different fares to our customers. To keep air fares down, we offer basic fares. It is up to the passenger to decide if seating is a priority and if they wish to sit together. If so, we respectfully suggest adding seats at the time of booking because most seats are booked well in advance. Waiting to the last minute can and does mean groups will not be seated together.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for allowing us to clarify our position. We hope we’ll have the opportunity to welcome you on board in the future.


Eric Smith
Air Canada Customer Relations

------ Original Message ------

From: anthony.MXXXXXXX
Sent: 28/07/2012 04:50 AM
Subject: Booking Seats

Good Day,

I booked a ticket (N45RW5 August 3rd) for myself, my wife and our 4 kids from St. Johns to Halifax. My kids are all 10 (Ages 3,6,8,& 10)and under, which makes them minors. What is your policy for minors unaccompanied by adults, since I might not be actually sitting next to them on the plane?

I wouldn't want to upset passengers that have to sit next to my 3 year old son who tends to cry a fair bit when he's sitting next to a complete stranger. Maybe you can save us and your passengers a little grief and make sure we are all sitting together.

It really is preposterous that a person who buys tickets for his family of six, then has to fork out more money just so they can sit together. You need to change your policy. Otherwise, you can let me know who will be taking care of my 3 and 6 year olds on the flight. My 8 year daughter old also suffers from travel sickness. You probably should know this in advance too. The joys of having a big family, yes?

If you plan to write back with anything other than a confirmation that my family will be seated together, then do not bother. I already know the policy rhetoric.


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This policy is discriminatory. If a disabled person, who cannot travel alone takes a carer, the airlines do not charge to seat them together. A child under 12 equally needs some to assist them, but the airline charges them.

I wish you had called their bluff and on boarding advised the flight attendants that you had been informed by Air Canada management that it was their policy not to allow parents to look after their young children, handed them their boarding passes and told the FA's you would be glad to receive them back from their care on disembarkation. Then let them look after your children and you and your wife just sit back and relax. I would love to see them handle 4 screaming kids, two being sick while the parents relax and enjoy the flight. They are backmailing parents.... If all parents refused to play this game this policy would change overnight.

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