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Default Sexual harassment on board

My husband and I were flying back from Las Vegas after getting married. We were seated at the back of the plane (33E and F). Just before take off the steward brought an obviously drunk passenger to sit beside me. 33A, B and C were empty - but he was place in 33D. I could smell the alcohol on him very strongly. The plane began to take off and the passenger beside me was clearly restless and angry. He began to squirm around in his seat and raise his arms around, elbowing me in the side of the head. I told him to "watch it", but he didn't acknowledge me. The plane was in the air and the passenger had his eyes closed. He slumped over on me and I pushed him off. He then came over on me again, this time with his hands up and down the side of my body, as if attempting to sleep on me. He grabbed my leg and left breast. I wiggled away and by this time I told my husband. He was about to push the button for the steward but the steward was right behind us. He said that once the seat belt sign was off he would move us. My husband asked the passenger why he was sitting there and he said that the steward was harassing him because he was swearing and struggling to get his seatbelt off. He then told us that he was a business owner and he had a kid and that "it wasn't like I brought a gun on board". I found this to be very strange behaviour and was very frightened. We were finally moved to the emergency exit seat. The steward came over and said that the passenger was unable to stay in this row because he couldn't work the emergency exit properly. I told the steward that he was clearly drunk and that he was acting strange and that he was inappropriate with me in our other seat. Soon after, the passengers in front of us said that the drunk passenger was physically assaulting his wife before he was moved beside me. They wrote it in a report I believe.

I do not feel that moving an obviously drunk passenger beside other innocent passengers is acceptable protocol. I was put in danger and suffered emotionally and physically as a result. I have contacted my lawyer and am awaiting his counsel.

I emailed air Canada and got a standard apology and $250 flight credit. Isn't there more I could do?
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The steward handled this matter VERY poorly, but not every adverse event is a lawsuit. Are you really so emotionally damaged by this that you need to be compensated by Air Canada?

The businessman was drunk, inappropriate and behaved very badly towards you. If anyone should have to pay for this behaviour, it is him. You had a remedy. You could have asked for the airline to arrange for the police to meet the aircraft and have him charged with sexual assualt. Had this proceeded, you could also have sought a civil remedy against the businessman.

Air Canada acted poorly. If he was behaving erratically or was drunk prior to take off, he should have been removed. If he was not, but subsequently started acting badly, he should have been placed in the empty row, where he would not bother other passengers. They have apologised to you for this and provided a small amount of compensation. It is perhaps a bit tokenistic, but the real culprit is the businessman. I think your anger is a bit misplaced.

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