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Default Air-Canada flight delay and missing connecting flight

July 1, 2013
Dear Sirs,
Re. Flight No. AC 846 dated June 24, 2013, Toronto to Munich

Name of Passengers E-Ticket No. Booking Ref. No.
Mr. Deepak N. Shah ETKT0163215954336 Z4IBFX
Mrs. Vibha D. Shah ETKT0163215992122 Z739N6

My wife and I travelled on Air Canada flight no. AC 846 on June 24, 2013 from Toronto to Munich. We would like to lodge a strong complaint regarding the insensitive and indifferent treatment that we have been subjected to by the airline and its staff during our ordeal, which saw us facing a total delay of 15 hours to get from Toronto to Mumbai (We reached Mumbai at around 2:00 pm on June 26, 2013 vis-a-vis the scheduled arrival of 11:00 pm on June 25, 2013) as a result of delays to the Air Canada flight referred to above.
To give you a background of ourselves, I am a 62 year old professional, suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. My wife is 57 years old and suffers from lower back problems. We are both Hindu by faith and thus are strictly vegetarian.

The sequence of events is set out as follows for your perusal:
24th June
7:10 pm – We arrive at boarding gate as per instructions printed on boarding pass issued by Air Canada.
8:10 pm – Scheduled departure time, however we still await boarding.
8:40 pm – Passengers are informed that the flight is delayed and wait in queue.
09:30 pm – We board the airplane.
10:30 pm- Passengers are asked to exit the plane due to technical problems related to the airplane. Passengers receive a $ 10 voucher for food & beverages.
11:30 pm – Passengers are boarded on flight AC 846. Plane takes off thereafter.
25th June
1:00 am – Food is served on the flight, however there is no vegetarian food available despite food preferences being indicated to the airline earlier.
10:50 am – Connecting flight from Munich to Mumbai departs without us on board.
2:00 pm (Munich local time)- Arrival of Air Canada flight AC 846 at Munich airport.

8:15 pm (Munich local time) – We boarded a Lufthansa flight bound for Delhi after a 6 hour wait at the airport. Again, the passengers receive a Euro 10 voucher for food & beverages (vegetarian options were scarce at this airport).
26th June
6:30 am (India local time) – We arrive in Delhi. It is announced that we will need to collect our luggage from Delhi airport and check it in to the Mumbai flight, despite indications to the contrary from the Lufthansa ground staff at Munich.
11:50 am (India local time)- We take off for Mumbai after a 5 hour wait at the airport, despite there being earlier flights available which would have cut down this wait to 3 hours. Here again the Lufthansa ground staff at Munich has been unwilling to accommodate our requests despite there being seats available on the earlier flights out of Delhi.
2:00 pm (India local time) – We arrive in Mumbai.
To summarize our issues as a result of these delays are as follows:
1. Allowance provided for meals was delayed as well as inadequate. No sensitivity seems to be afforded for passengers age, condition and dietary restrictions.

2. This was exacerbated by the fact that the Air Canada flight attendants neglected our stipulated meal preferences and there was no consideration shown to us despite this oversight.

3. The airline has not exerted itself to ensure that the onward journey for the affected passengers was hassle-free. Our tribulations at the Munich and Delhi airports may have been alleviated had the airline the courtesy to reach out to the other airlines to prioritize the affected passengers.

4. The significant delay meant that I had to cancel appointments with my clients and put my work on hold for a whole day and the subsequent day.

Considering the physical, mental and commercial hardships we have faced as a result of the airlines actions or in-action, we seek compensation from Air Canada and an assurance that the issues raised above shall be taken up to ensure improvement in service levels going forward.

Deepak N. Shah
Vibha D. Shah

1. E-Tickets of Mr. Deepak Shah and Mrs. Vibha Shah
2. Boarding Passes issued at the Airports
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You may have acquired some rights under EU Directive 261, as your total delay was extensive. You should make a claim to both Lufthansa and Air Canada.

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