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Default Very rude check-in staff at Calgary Airport

16th June, 2007

Reservation code: YMPSQZ

I am complaining on behalf of my son Michael Lau who was treated with much unnecessary rudeness by Air Canada employee Number 78599 as he attempted to check-in at the economy counter at Calgary Airport for flight AC 185, departing at 12 noon from Calgary to Vancouver & then on to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific Flight CX 839 , departing Van at 15.10…on Saturday 16th June 2007………..

He was traveling with his wife Naomi & 2 very young daughters, Ella & Claire………the AC employee had an extremely rude attitude from the moment they arrived at the counter…………she complained that they had not used the computers to check-in , ………….they needed to check their luggage through to HK & felt it was essential that they check-in at the counter to be able to also get their luggage booked right through to Hong Kong & get onward boarding passes if possible…….. which I have done countless times, taking the same trip at least twice a year for the past 15 years !!!!!!....my husband does the same trip approximately 4 to 5 times a year without a problem.

She (the AC employee) just kept saying it was company policy to not try to book their luggage through to Hong Kong, without even trying to be helpful………my husband, John Chin Sung Lau , who is a Super Elite member was horrified at the experience our family was subjected to. (She also refused to look at John’s Super Elite card….her argument was that he was not the passenger)….he was only trying to make things smoother for Michael & his beautiful family)

They have to face retrieving all their luggage in Vancouver & having the hassle of having to take it with the children to the international airport in Vancouver.

I am adamant that my complaint to your company will not remain silent……………….many people are going to hear about it………………the experience for my family was a dreadful way to end what had been a most enjoyable holiday in Canada for Michael, Naomi, Ella & Claire Lau.

The AC employee did not have to be rude to them & get everyone upset……my daughter-in-law is a doctor, dealing with the public all the time & my son has a very steady nature & as a Pharmacist, has to deal with the public every day & always keeps his cool……………it really takes a lot to get him upset & that is what that woman did…………it was so unnecessary for them all to be subjected to that type of behaviour. The employee in question should be dealt with in some way by the company………..you can imagine how many other people have been subjected to her bad attitude……………….without passengers, Air Canada wont have a business……….your company is only as good as your last customer !!!!!! ….all customers should be treated with respect whichever section (Business or Economy) they are traveling in

A reply from Air Canada would be most welcome.

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I just read your complaint. I am not surprised by what your family went through. My husband and I had a bad experience with air canada this past summer while vacationing in Nova Scotia. We booked a round trip from Winnipeg to Halifax. On the way there we were allowed two bags but on the way back we had to pay for the second bag. I understand that they now have new regulations but what did they expect us to do with the second bag returning. Also returning our flight was 2.5 hours (due to maintance problems) late leaving Halifax and has a result with missed our connection in Montreal. After getting off the plane in Montreal and finding someone to talk to and where to go (no employees directing us and nobody cared to show us), we did a lot of begging at the air canada information desk to even put us up in a hotel all night. They gave us a food vocher for supper that night and breakfast then next morning. However when we got to the hotel the restaurant was closed. The next morning our flight left before breakfast was available. The breakfast voucher was worth $7 each. There was a little snack corner at the check-out counter. For $14 total we only could get two chocolate bars and two apple juice. Not that we wanted chocolate at 5:00 am in the morning but we weren't going to spend our own $$$ and air canada never pay us back. Oh did I mention that we purchased $1500 of seafood in Halifax that was ruined by the time we got to the hotel. When we got to Montreal airport in the morning to try and get back to Winnipeg, we were 1.25 hr in the busy air canada line up. The were lots of people behind us that had an earlier flights to catch and they got to go first (this I understand). However, the only problem with it was that the air cananda agent that was "trying" to organize the mess was only speaking French. Therefore as it got closer to our flight time and still in the very busy line up to get our bags checked in, we weren't certain whether the air canada agent (again speaking only French), was calling for people from our flight to come forward or not. It was a mess.At the time we were going to make at complaint. However, as days past and we were home safe and sound we didn't think about it too much. Now reading your message about the poor service your family received, angers me all over again. I must thank you for sharing your story as it has encourged me to do more about mine.Amanda

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