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Spirit Airlines Complaints>Spirit Airlines: A mess
IPacheco 6:23 PM Mar 8, 2008
I flew Spirit Air on Feb. 11, 2008 in to La Guardia Airport for a connecting flight to Myrtle Beach, SC. Flight was delayed for over 8 hours. No food nor drink was given during waiting time at La Guardia. On my return flight to Ponce (my hometown airport), departing Fort Lauderdale (March 8, 2008) to my surprise when I arrived at Fort Lauderdale, flight was cancelled. The excuse was bad weather conditions. I checked back home and with National Weather Service. Everything was fine concerning weather for the Ponce area. The options I was given was to fly in to San Juan, Puerto Rico at 8:00 PM and ride back to Ponce at midnight (at my own expense and risk), or wait for a next day flight to my home town. Again, no food, drink nor lodging was offered by Spirit. It has been a very nasty, unpleasing, ireresponsible and shameful action on behalf of Spirit Air. I suggest that if they cannot keep up with schedules, they should go out of business. Check carefully and book with other responsible airlines. Spirit Air should know about this and take action.
abutterfinger25 6:56 PM Jul 16, 2008
A flight can be cancelled for weather reasons even if the weather is clear at the origin and destination. The aircraft, or crew, could be coming in from another city where the weather is bad.
rudybjr 9:02 PM Apr 3, 2009
The weather delay can also be between the departure and arrival cities anywhere along the route. Unless you call Ponce and someone can see from their door all the way to Florida, it was a waste of time. Did you tell the gate agents that someone went outside to check on the weather in Ponce?
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