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Old Aug 17, 2016, 2:30 PM
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Angry Arrogant, rude staff made me miss my flight and pay 200 euro for their mistake

Dear Turkish Airlines, Saturday the 13th of August I was supposed to get a connecting codeshare flight from Turkish Airlines/Singapore Airlines to Singapore. Unfortunately when I departed from Brussels this morning I didn't get a boarding pass for this flight. Upon arrival in Istanbul I was told to get this at the Transfer Desk. So I rushed over there, there was however I huge cue. When I finally got a staff member from Turkish Airlines I was rudely told they couldn't do anything for me and they sent me off to the Singapore Airlines desk. Here I was faced with another huge cue and they told me I should go back to the Turkish Airlines desk. Again with a huge cue. When I finally managed to speak to another staff member (equally rude) from Turkish I had already missed the flight. Now I do understand mistakes happen, I then was told however to get out of the transfer area and go to the ticket sales desk. For this to happen I had to go through passport control (which took about 2 hours) and search for my bag at lost & found (which took another hour).

Here I was probably given to most incredibly rude attitude I’ve ever experienced by another one of your staff members. She insisted it was my fault I missed the flight (which is not the case, in fact it’s your fault), After I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor the price I had to pay for a new flight to Singapore suddenly dropped from €295 to €195. Reluctantly I then paid the €195 for your mistake. It wasn't my fault I missed the flight yet I'm having to pay the price for it. Not only was I am stuck at Istanbul airport for 9 hours for the next flight to leave. I didn’t have any food, I was upset and terribly tired after this horrible experience. I was told by the rude staff member that if I wanted a hotel somewhere in the city I had to pay myself, or if I didn’t want that I could just sleep on the floor. I wonder if you couldn't at least offer me some food or a place to rest a bit. Or at least have staaf member that are less arrogant, less inconsiderate, less disrespectful and less abusive. I also don't understand how it is you won the award for best European airline by treating people this way.

To make matters worse, I’ve filed a complaint at your own website. The only thing I’ve gotten back in five days time is an acknowledgment that you received my complaint and “will get back to me shortly”…
Old Aug 20, 2016, 3:51 AM
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Arrow Singapore Airlines is to blame

So here is Turkish Airlines first response. It's not their fault I missed flight TK9300, it's Singapore Airlines fault. Last time I checked though TK stands for Turkish Airlines


Thank you for your message,

We need to state that we are really sorry for the inconvenience that was caused before your travel beyond our control. This is truly saddening because Turkish Airlines was founded on the promise of making the experience of flying easier, happier and more safe for everybody who chooses to fly with our company. We understand that these irregularities can be very uncomfortable for our customers, however our first priority must always be to provide you with safe and happy travel.

As giving our passengers who choose us on their travels the service they deserve and delivering this excellently are among our priority targets, we again have experienced how important your feedback is. Besides, we kindly state that based on your message, we would like to kindly inform you that our passengers' feedbacks are evaluated according to the applicable regulations.

When we checked the details it is seen that due to your connection flight was with Singapore Airlines, we could not issued the boarding pass. You could issue the boarding pass to join the flight by releated airline on time. For that reason we can not respond positively for your request. We apologise for your dissatisfaction caused by our obligation to implement the set-forth rules and procedures.

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back on Turkish Airlines' flights soon, replace any negative impressions with a more positive one, we hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve you in the future on Turkish Airlines' flights.

Sincerely yours,

Şenol B.

Turkish Airlines Inc.
Customer Contact Center
Old Aug 20, 2016, 3:54 AM
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Arrow Booking agency's fault

Here is Turkish Airlines second response. Now it's not Singapore Airlines fault but the agency I booked my flight with .


Your file has been re-evaluated by our side.

In relation with your concern, we would like to kindly inform you that your reservation is a third party booking and the you are supposed to be informed about your flights by your agency. If the agency sent you the details of your reservation via e-mail or sms, it could be clearly shown that this flight is operated with another airline. Of course, we do not know whether the agency send you the details of your reservation or informed you that this flight in not Turkish Airlines. Besides, we have seen that you were transferred to correct desks to give you direct you to correct place.

As a conclusion, we could not determine an irregularity that can help us to assist you. Unfortunately, as we stated before, the check-in transaction must be made for the other airline, if you are not giving a boarding pass for it.

We submit the above to your information and would like to state our regret at these practices causing you dissatisfaction.

Sincerely yours,

Pınar A.

Turkish Airlines Inc.
Customer Contact Center
Old Aug 20, 2016, 4:03 AM
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Post E-Ticket

This is the information I got from my booking agency.
Seems pretty obvious to me that it is a Turkish Airline flight...
And yes I can see it's a codeshare flight, but when I went to the Singapore Airlines desk they told me to go back to Turkish Airlines since it was booked as flight TK9300.


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Unhappy More confusing non-answers

Now what am I supposed to make off this?


We would like to state our regret at being unable to assist your about your case.

As it was indicated before, this is a third party booking and you were supposed to be informed about your flight details by your agency. Hence, when passengers book a ticket via our sales channels, we must do it. So, possibly it would be helpful to contact with the agency about this issue. Besides, as we informed before, neither Singapore Airlines can issue our boarding pass cards, nor we can unless being a Star Alliance gold or silver member.

Additionally, if you are a Star Alliance gold or silver member, please inform us. So that we can convey the case.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

Pınar A.

Turkish Airlines Inc.
Customer Contact Center
Old Aug 23, 2016, 1:00 AM
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I think your problem is you used a ticket consolidator.
Neither SQ or TK could get control of your ticket because your "travel agent" created their own PNR. Third party sites booking sties are fine when things go well but given the complexity of aviation things don't always go well as you've learned - always book on an airlines website, not third party sites. Its your "travel agent" who owes you the refund I suspect.

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