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Angry Klia

I have bad experience with Malaysia Airline and hope you can appeal for me
after I missed the connecting flight from KL to Labuan

I explained to the check-in counter staff that there is no announcement on
the change of gate for Labuan connecting flight and no staff to guide me
upon my arrival to KL. I told them that the departure screen wordings are
small, difficult to see as the wordings change too fast. They announce my
name / final call to board the plane but give me very little time (about 5
minutes) to rush to the new gate only to see the aircraft elevator shaft
retrieving. I also told them that I was first time in KLIA and not familiar
as the gate distant is quite far apart.
The check-in counter staff refers me to the ticketing counter (next to C1)
and I explain the same to them. Both the counter staff spoke with each
other on the phone and they did not accept my explanation.

The ticking counter staff give me 2 options:
1. Pay RM124 to be put on waiting list on the next flight at 1855
2. Pay RM427 to get confirm seat on the next flight at 1855
I chose option 1.

I check with the both counter staff several times on my chances of seat
under the waiting list but they told me that I have to wait till 1820 for
the answer. The queuing service at the ticketing counter is slow (about
half to serve per passage and no place seat while waiting). They were
unfriendly towards my enquiry on the waiting list.
At 1815, the check-in counter staff (Domestic Standby, B18) told me the
flight is full and give me 2 options:
1. Pay RM937 for the business class seat (still available)
2. Put on waiting list again for the next day flight

I told them that they put me in difficult position and gave me very little
time to react (only 20 minutes prior to check-in and departure). The
check-in counter staff said they will close the gate in 1 minute time and
asked me to decide immediately.
I have no choice but to choose option 1 as my customer expects to meet me
at 7.30 a.m. the next day.
The encounter above makes me feel bad about Malaysia Airline service and
their treatment to passage
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I would respectfully and sincerely suggest that the OP undertake future efforts to ensure that carriers are henceforth made aware that (s)he is in need of special care and assistance in order to transfer to connecting flights.

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