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Default Air France - the best airline to pass responsibility to their customers!!!!

On 5 Aug, 2008, I flew to Portugal by Air France. I spent a 25 day vacation in Portugal flying Air France with unhappiness, pain, anxiety and money spending all because of Air France.

Arriving in Lisbon, I waited to get my luggage for more than one hr. No luck at all. As soon as I found my luggage missing, I went to seek for help. The only place I could go was “lost and found” GROUNDFORCE at the Lisbon airport. They filed my lost and sent me away telling me that my luggage would be sent to the address I provided. Day after day, no one from Groundforce or Air France had given me one single call. After 5 days, I couldn’t wait and called Groundforce, but no information on my luggage. I called Air France Baggage dept, the only number I could find anyway, no luck. I spent more than 1200Euros on clothing and necessities, 200 Euros on phone calls to Air France asking for my luggage. I sent two complaint letters on 12 Aug, 08 and 22 Aug 08 and got no reply or whatsoever from Air France. After a number of expensive calls I made, they finally located my luggage and send it back to my hotel room a few hrs before my flight back to HK. It was so very late but I thought it was better than never. However, it was open when it arrived to the hotel because of security reason which I was aware. But I never expected to be robbed after losing my luggage for 20 days. When I opened it, I found 20 packs of cigarettes and 4 new bras of mine missing, which I had no way to file a complaint to anyone at that hr. First, the baggage service dept at Lisbon airport was closed at that time; then, Air France let no room for customers to make any direct contact to PR dept or complaint dept. The only way I was told by the baggage dept that I can complain is to write to them, which I did already and got no reply.

Imagine, I was alone travelling in Portugal without clothing or anything else. I had to spend money to buy things and I ended up having a baggage full of stuff. A few hrs before my flight back to HK, they sent me back my baggage with things missing. Amazingly, when I checked in, the staff asked me to pay 510 Euros for the overweight was caused by Air France in the first place, not to mention that Air France made me carry two large suitcases due to their incompetence. I tried to reason with them and all answer I got was, "This is not our problem, we are check-in counter, go and talk to Air France with your luggage or pay and get in the plane. Go home and write to complain Air France, pls do (in a scornful tone). You see the long line behind you, Miss!!!)

I felt I was totally trashed and humiliated by Air France, and they showed no interest of taking responsibility and I ended up pay for their fault. I want justice and compensation.

It's good that you got a I made a mistake reply. I got nothing but scornful tone at the check-in counter. I paid for their mistake. Pls check my post if you have time.
Originally Posted by NiranjanRajaghatta View Post
I do understand that the airlines have little control over the status of the airport (Paris/CDG). Iam just warning other consumers/passengers like me, so that they can try to avoid this airport. What about small children, pregnant women, seniors ? They better avoid this airport.
The airport also collects fees from transit passengers, so consumers should get a better deal.

Air France - contacted them and all I got was a reply 'sorry - it maybe a mistake'.
On my onward journey (Montreal-Paris), which was 6 weeks before, I made sure that the special meal was confirmed again at Montreal. Six weeks later, Iam travelling from Paris to Montreal and once again the same 'mistake' is repeated. I understand that at 30,000 feet, the stewards are able to do little, except say 'sorry'. My complaint is with the Air France system, which does not have any accountability towards its consumers. Their website has no customer relations phone numbers, no email addresses, nothing. Which demonstrates that they care very little about their customers.
I strongly recommend that my fellow consumers avoid Air France as much as possible.
HK-Lisbon (AF185/ AF1024)
Lisbon-HK (AF2125/ AF184)

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