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Old May 29, 2011, 5:19 AM
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Default Paid for ticket, have confirmation #, Delta refused to give me my ticket!

This is what I wrote to Delta tonight and got an email response that I would here from them in 7 or more days. My flight is in 36 hours!!!

Complaint: I am so upset and need an immediate resolution. I booked a flight and when I went to check in online it would not allow me to, said I had to at the airport. Got to the airport and was denied my ticket that was PAID FOR because I did not have the original credit card I purchased it on. I have already been billed for this flight. I had my driver's license and other credit cards. Still stuck and then referred to the Special Services. The woman at special services was GREAT, she immediately got me a ticket on another flight. This was my originating flight from Ctl to Lax.

Now I am in fear of it happening again on my return flight. So I tried to be proactive and call ahead to make sure this wouldn't happen again. I was first disconnected when I asked for a supervisor when the original person at reservations said they could not help me. I called back, this time the person was more helpful but still said he couldn't help and connected me to a supervisor. The supervisor was Susan in Salt Lake customer care, that is all the information she would give me. She said there was nothing she could do and there was no one above her I could talk to . Absolutely ridiculous.

I then told her that I would like to cancel and get a refund for my tickets for next week, because I was not going to go thur this again. Of course she said those are non refundable. Well I have been SCREWED by Delta, I have flown with you all a great deal over the years. I also have tickets (2) to fly next week. First- I want a ticket for the flight I PAID for so I can get home on MONDAY. I also want my money back and to cancel my flights for next week. There is no way I want to ever have to deal with this again. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY with a resolution.

BTW - I had a difficult time getting SUSAN to hang up the phone so I could answer the survey. She just sat on the line waiting for me to hang up. She then said something about me still being on the line and I told her I was waiting for her to hang up so I could answer the survey. I will take this as far as I have to go to get resolution so please take care of this now.
Old Jun 1, 2011, 1:28 AM
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The good the bad and the ugly responses I've received from Delta: In my search to find help for my issue I happened to come across a site that listed three email addresses for higher level directors so I fired off my complaint. I received a call the very next day from John - who was very apologetic and assured me I would have no issues getting on my flight. I was even able to check in online and print my boarding pass. He said he could not refund my tickets for my upcoming flight but he did make some changes for me without charging me their exorbitant change fee. I was pleased to get a quick response and resolution from him.

HOWEVER, I will say this would not have happened if I had not found those email addresses. The next day I received a "response" from my original complaint that they said they would get to in 7 days. They NEVER addressed my issue about not being able to get on my flight for the next day. They only addressed my desire to get a refund on my next scheduled trip - which they refused to do but did offer me a 50 voucher for my trouble. Only trouble is: They never responded to my need to get on my paid flight for the next day. Fortunately it had already been resolved by my good fortune in finding those email addresses and John in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, I'm afraid I would still be stuck!!
Old Jun 1, 2011, 11:11 PM
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There are serious problems in Deltas complaint handling. Many of the CSR's are either too stupid or too disempowered to take any action. Again and again, there are reports that problems were resolved when it went to a higher authority or the media got involved. That is not available to most people. This airline is to be avoided until they adopt a customer service ethos. The current focus of their training appears to be revenue protection/income generation. The sheer audacity of a CSR telling you that they acknowledge you have bought a ticket, but they will not allow you to access the service you paid for is unbelievable.
Old Jun 29, 2011, 6:14 PM
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It is poor service and you can change it! Post your story on every complaint site that you can find. Google, "Delta complaints" and post your story in as many places as you can. Tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends. Eventually, there will be a change. Until about 4-5 years ago, this was not the case with Delta. They were the best. Sadly, not so much these days.

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