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Default Lost Luggage

Flew from Spokane Wa. to Valdez Ak, Flights 2393 and flight 89, somewhere between the two one of my bags got lost!!!! The one word I never want to hear again is the word "unfortunatly"!!!! And "Due to weather"!!!! Well "unfortunatly, due to weather had nothing to do with the mishandling of my luggage!!!!! I am thankful I did get it back 6 days later... I know now why people fly with 5 carry on's. This has changed the way I will travel from here on out!!!! We are excpected to run thru airports to catch are next flight when they have made us late in the first place!! With no sorrys just run.. Fines for when we can't fly or miss are flights, pay for are bags, pay for when they are over weight.. pay for ticket changes, pay, pay, pay... when they misplace are luggage we get "unfortunatly", Due to "weather, and sorry about your bad luck!!!! We have 5 days!!!!
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Well sorry for losing your bag...when there is bad weather and delays its hard to connect all the bags..last week was a bad week in Seattle due to the weather..always have your name in your bag and your flights you were flying on..that will help the baggage people if your bag tag comes off enroute..if you ever get to your destination without your bag ask for your bag fee waived..and comp you time lost without your bag ..but yes its better having a carryon..but recently some bags would have to get checked at the gate due to no room in the cabin..never check important stuff in your check baggage..like meds,important meeting info, car keys,cell phones,passports,if your told to check your carryon at the gate try to see if they would let you put it under your seat..if not ask for a bag to put stuff in that you really need..always keep your bag tag numbers on you.

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